Obesity and Emotional Eating

You may wonder why some the diets that you try do not work. They seem perfectly effective for other people but fail with you. At this point you should ask yourself a question whether your emotional hunger makes it hard to achieve your goal. Perhaps, the huger that you cannot keep at bay leads to weight gain?

How do you feel when you are upset and depressed? Do you want to have something sweet? Something fatty? Something extremely unhealthy? Pizza? Ice-cream? How frequently did you indulge in such a craving? If pretty often or every time, then, diets will be of little help for you. If you are going to relieve your depression with food, you will never lose weight. Emotional eating has nothing to do with actual hunger. And as long as you do not need food by definition, your organism stores the excess. Emotions act like stimulant – gradually eating turns into necessity. If you want to stop this destructive habit you should understand the reasons.

The first common reason is that you feel not appreciated by other people. You feel not needed and as if people around do not reward you and value your achievements. That is why you turn to an ice-cream bucket – at least there is something to comfort yourself with.

Resentment is another frequent reason of emotional overeating. You are angry either with yourself or with someone else – you go and eat something. If this happens frequently, you tend to eat pretty a lot all due to this very feeling and not because you feel particularly hungry. But this is not the best idea as the more you eat the more resentful you become.

One more reason to start eating to comfort yourself is because you feel powerless. You seem to have no means to change anything in your life: you can not allow traveling, or going into sports you like, or you are too bad at making new friends, or whatever else. Therefore you try to compensate the lack of activity and variety in life with eating. It seems that is nothing else, food can bring diversion to your life. However, it might be useful in some way but do not forget that you get all these kilograms as well.

That is why it is necessary to understand what the reason of your emotional overeating is. It is even more important in case you have started a new weight loss program. Until you fix your problems, you will not get success with dieting.

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