Why Stress Causes Obesity

You have heard about stress and its harmful effects on our organisms many times, for sure. And you have probably experienced it yourself. The first thing coming to your mind then is to grab and eat something. Most of us crave for something sweet or salty or fat or whatever seems tasty for us at the moment of stress. However, these very comfort foods contribute greatly to our weight gain. Junk foods in the first place.

However, stress not only makes us overeat, it also deprives us of good night sleep, which is also extremely unhealthy and leads to obesity as well.

Cortisol is a hormone produced as part of the “fight or flight” reaction. It is contained in greater amounts in people under constant stress and it causes an amount of abdominal fat to increase. In order to stop the process the level of this hormone should be reduced but not dramatically as we need some of it in our bodies.

Excess of cortisol leads to insomnia and it, in its turn, leads to… obesity. There are a lot of researches that proved the relationship.

However, the fact that you understand the problem does not mean that you know how to solve it. Still, things are not really complicated both about stress management and about weight loss.

  1. First of all, comfort foods should be considered. You should find other things to make yourself comforted. Meditation and a cup of green tea is a much better option than French fries. Even better, if you find a comfort source that is not related to food in any way.
  2. Activity is very important; no matter where and what you do just stay active. If you have no piece of gym equipment at home, jog, or swim, or play tennis, or take a walk at last. You will be able to think clearly and a little exercise will make you feel physically better.
  3. Aromatherapy and herbal teas are both considered good and efficient remedies for relieving stress. You can try lavender and chamomile both in tea and aromatherapy as well as jasmine and passionflower. Valerian will also help to struggle insomnia.
  4. You may underestimate the level of your stress, therefore you are very much recommended to go and check with your doctor. Perhaps, you need stringer methods of stress relief such as medications. Your health care provider will also help you choose the best suitable workout program.

Everyone understands that obesity and stress are serious medical conditions and they require attention and should not be trifled with or neglected. You need just a little help and everything will be all right.

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