The Facts about Obesity

People frequently confuse 2 things – overweigh and obesity. However, they are not exactly the same. The latter is a more serious condition than the former and requires much more attention. Body Mass Index (BMI) is determines whether you are obese or overweigh. In order to know it you should take your weight and divide it by the square of your height in meters. The result that is higher than 30 indicates that you are obese; the one between 25 and 30 shows that you are overweigh. In any way, there is something to think about and to start doing something about your condition not only for pure aesthetic reasons but because obesity is able to trigger serious illnesses and this is not a joke.

Causes of Obesity

1. The first reason is over-eating. If you eat all the time, every 5 minutes, you are most likely to eat junk. There are also people who simply love to eat. By either way, such a lifestyle is the surest way to become obese. Moreover, it is also the quickest one, too.

2. Diets poor in carbs are also considered the ones leading to gaining weight. Carbs work by increasing blood sugar levels which leads to increase if insulin in the pancreas. It encourages growth of fat muscle, or so it is supposed to be.

3. Another surest factor leading to obesity is eating too often. This does not mean that you eat all the time but you do it a lot, some every 15-20 minutes you binge on something. And this something is most likely to be unhealthy junk since something healthy requires time to be prepared.

4. Genetics can be also a decisive factor in you being overweight. There are a lot of people suffering from weight problems that they inherited. This is not really happy news and not something you can possibly avoid being a part of such a family, however, you can keep relatively fit you stick to a healthy diet and are active. In case that your condition is really bad, there are extreme measures such as obesity surgery.

5. Sedentary lifestyle is also one of the most frequent reasons for obesity. Think about your day. Do you spend any time being active? Do you walk your dog at the very least? Or you sit all the time at work and get up only for coffee repeating the same pattern at home only with the fridge instead of coffee machine? You end up eating more than you burn and all the non-required nutrition gets stored instead. You will become obese 100% true.

What Is the Way out?

•    Firs of all you should become active. This is the most principle requirement. Walk your dog, jog, swim, ride a bike, simply play with your kids. Any type of activity will allow you to burn fat – this is what you need.
•    Change your eating habits. Eat less but do it more frequently and in smaller amounts. This refers to meals. All the unhealthy snacks should be avoided at all costs. It will be hard at the beginning as long as your stomach used to get more. However, pretty soon you will get used to a new diet and will not suffer at all.
•    Opt for healthy products. Anything you are going to eat should be considered from the point of view of weight gain danger. All the products with such a potential should be abstained from while good and healthy ones added in large amounts.
•    Again, if there is no other option, there is a possibility of surgery. You will get your stomach reduces and you will eat less. However, this is a last resort for the extremely obese people with real and not imaginary problem, or for those who are at a danger of losing their lives because of the obesity. Still, this is a surgery and it will affect your life in many ways. If you love to eat and think that no restrictions are needed now, you will end up with what you started. Therefore, surgery requires much consideration.

Mind, that there are a lot of people suffering from the same thing and there are also a great many of researches and studies on this account. Detailed and guided programs are offered worldwide nowadays to people who need help in their condition.

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