Stupid Ways to Lose Weight

Many men and women who have to deal with extra kilos must have tried all possible recipes and methods, which there are galore in the Internet and other mass media resources. Well, if a friend of yours comes running over to you to pour his/her heart about how big his/her belly has grown over the last couple of months, what would you advise him/her to do? Cut down on fatty food and work out abs, right?

It is not that simple!

Many people, once they have noticed a buildup of fat in a certain part of the body, begin to do exercises to target this particular region. For example, a growing belly makes them want to do crunches right away. Growing buttocks send them rushing and browsing for methods of training gluteal muscles. Each of these exercises is great in its own way, but they will hardly solve the problem.

The most common mistakes

Do not target just one part of your body!
An increase in fat, which you see in a particular area, in fact results from a general dysfunction. Therefore, targeting just one group of muscles is like trying to start up a car with a damaged engine by replacing windshield wipers. Continuing to do so is sheer waste of time and energy. There are better ways to use your precious resources!

Make sure you do exercises in the right way!
Upon realizing we have excess weight, many of us rush to work out without even thinking about how to do it properly. Any exercise requires quite a bit of physical effort. Without appropriate control, we involuntarily choose to follow the path of the least resistance: we let our spine sag and drop the head when we push up or swing our shoulders and elbows when working out biceps with (or without) dumbbells or barbells. It is not only improper – it is extremely dangerous!

Take your current age into account!
It does not take expertise to realize that we grow older, and so does our physical potential. If you are nearing fifty, your legs now walk where they used to run and stride where they used to jump. Do not expect your body to do what it could do some twenty years ago! You are a different guy now, and you have to sketch a different exercise pattern to suit your current physical shape.

What can I do about it?

Sit still, think it over and try to develop an exercise pattern to get your entire body working. Do not rush! It takes a bit of consideration and even research, because the price is too high: there are tons of bitter stories about workout-thirsty people who have worked themselves into intensive care. It is advisable to consult your health care provider and a qualified coach. Do not be in a hurry to do the whole work at once. Start with the simplest exercises and a minimal number of sets and build up intensity little by little.

Once you have outlined your exercise program, read and watch as much as possible about each and every exercise to the tiniest detail. It is absolutely imperative that you hold your legs and arms properly. Please, use reliable sources. This will help you avoid strains and damaged ligaments!

Hold your hand on the pulse! Control your shape and feelings after you are through with an exercise. Check your heartbeat and blood pressure dynamics right after workout and later during the day. Do you feel dizzy? Do you have a history of chest pain? Severe blood pressure shifts and heartbeat disorders are good reasons to stop any physical activity immediately and consult your physician. If you still want to improve your body, you may have to change your exercise pattern.

Keep track of your diet. Even if you have been scrupulous about what you eat for years, your menu may need a modification. Also, you may need to run a food diary, which also takes a bit of patience and learning. Please, contact your health care provider and couch and discuss everything: there is no universal menu, as it depends on our individual physical and physiological characteristics.

As follows from the above, stereotypes are the last thing you should rely on when outlining your weight-loss strategy. It takes a good research to develop a pattern that will help you reduce weight without detriment to any other part of your body or life!

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