Fattening Foods of Summer

Summer comes with backyard barbecues, cocktails parties, baseball games, and what not! When else there is so much fried chicken, ribs, potato salad, ice cream, hot dogs, and beer?!

Summer comes with backyard barbecues, cocktails parties, baseball games, and what not! When else there is so much fried chicken, ribs, potato salad, ice cream, hot dogs, and beer?!

Summer is great and fascinating but be careful as all these foods can cause you gain pounds, which is not really nice during swimsuit season, right? It is true that people are more active in summer; however, this might be not enough if you fall on these treats and get calories form them.

Barbecue is the surest way to spoil your figure. The meats for barbeque come from the fattest part of the animal and therefore are pretty high in calories. However, pork tenderloin, skinless chicken breast, and lean ground beef can be a great alternative.

Ball Game. Can you imagine a baseball game without hot dogs and sausages? Well, they are inseparable. However, you should know that they are pretty nutritious in terms of calories and, moreover, high in sodium. This particularly refers to hot dogs, bratwursts, sausages and etc. You can see yourself: a typical hot dog has 280 calories, 15 grams of fat, and 1,250 mg of sodium.

Mayonnaise-Based Salads are something you’d better avoid as well or at least not to fall on them too much. Your favorite potato salad has 180 calories and 12 grams of fat, and this is only a small half-cup portion – is not it food for reflection? Instead, you can make your salads with light mayonnaise or olive oil, or mix mayonnaise with low-fat yogurt or light sour cream. Make salads that include a lot of vegetables, this way will be healthier.

Frozen Concoctions are sweet, fruity alcoholic drinks. They are tasty and nice but have a lot of calories as well. For instance, a piña colada has got about 245-490 calories, a daiquiri – 300-800 calories. Better options will be wine, a wine spritzer, or any mixed drink with seltzer and a splash of 100% fruit juice.

Refreshing Frozen Treats such as ice-cream are always welcome on a hot summer day. However, be careful, they are also full of calories. So, your favorite Dairy Queen chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard ranges to 720 calories a serving with 28 grams of fat. How dose it sound to you? If you like frozen treats so much there is no need to avoid them completely, just refrain from high fat toppings and eat smaller portions. Or you can try sherbet, fudge bars, fruit bars and something like this instead.

Salad Dressings. Sure, salad is the best choice for summer diet. It is tasty, fresh and useful as well as light. However, the topping can make a great difference. High-calorie dressings such as fried chicken strips, bacon, cheese, and croutons should be avoided if possible. Better options are grilled chicken, strips of lean meat, or eggs.

Endless Snacks is the surest way to lose form. With a pack of potato chips or cheese puffs you will get 160 calories and 10 grams of fat approximately. Cheese nachos are even more nutritious as they range around 692 calories, popcorn – 550 calories. Fruits, veggies with light dip, or small portions of fat-free popcorn will be a better and a much healthier choice.

Fried Chicken is a very popular dish and, perhaps, the most convenient when you need to feed a lot of people. However, it is extremely unhealthy. One is OK but more is a threat to your figure, and if to think broader, to your general wellness. Therefore, give your preferences to boneless, skinless grilled chicken breasts. They have got only167 calories and 7 grams of fat and will not do much harm. Add marinades or whatever you like and it will taste better than a KFC fried chicken.

Summer Drinks are available in abundance in any variety. It is essential to be hydrated but if you used to fall on sweet tea, sweetened soda, energy drinks, juice drinks, or beer in summer, stop and think. You are getting additional calories that you actually do not need. All these smoothies, milkshakes and cold coffee concoctions range even higher when it comes to calories. The best and the most effective thirst satiating drink is water. It costs nothing and adds a lot to your health. Think about it.

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