Why Exercising at Home Is the Best

The effect of home exercising is grossly underestimated; however, it is a mistake to do so. In fact, there is no easy and effortless way that allows both doing nothing and staying fit at the same time. It is impossible to both go on living the way you used to and losing weight (if this is the goal).

The Gym Myth

In addition, there is a belief among many individuals that home exercise is not as good as a gym. This myth of gigantic proportions has most likely been perpetuated by the gym owners and exercise parlors simply because they want consumers to pay exorbitant fees.

The majority of people go the gym sporadically and some even stop after the first few months. So the best advice is to start at home; if you remain devoted, joining a gym later is always an option. But if you do not do any exercise at home, chances are that you will not do better at the gym. Plus, one also has to consider the cost of gyms- the price is not minuscule and everyone has to sign up for 12-36 months.
In today’s world, people really do not have time to exercise at the gym regularly but in order to obtain benefits; one has to be consistent with exercise. And that is why the home is the best place to start.

The Benefits

When you work out on a regular basis, it can lower the risk of many diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and stroke. More important, physical activity can enhance your self-esteem, boost your confidence and helps handling your stress. The benefits of exercise are durable and last longer than any health supplement. Research shows that individuals who regularly exercise tend to fall sick less often and need less medical care. Home exercise is of benefit for both healthy and unhealthy people.

Starting out

The first thing everyone should know is that one can perform several types of exercises at home and at the same time lose weight and remain fit. Granted exercising at home lacks companionship and there is a limit to types of exercises one can do. But, for the busy housewife or mother, spending a half-hour on a simple set of exercises can be just as fulfilling as going to the gym.

The second fact that one needs to know is that any exercise is better than none. So if you are at home, remain active, vacuum the home, clean up the basement, store things away or do some gardening.

If you are just starting out, go slow. Start with walking and as you increase your stamina, you can try cycling, swimming or jogging.

Home Exercises

Most people have a basement in the home and this is the best place to set up an exercise room. All you need is a mat; a few light weights, a stationary exercise bicycle, and radio/TV. Today one can purchase dumbbells, fitness balls, tubing; exercise bands and push up bar at low cost and use them at home. These devices help work out all the large muscles in the body. Some type of music usually enhances the spirit and improves the mood for exercise.

Pick an exercise that you like to do- if you pick something that you hate, you will soon stop exercising all together.
Since exercise at home can get monotonous, change the routine. Once a week, go for a swim or cycling at the local park. If you just want to increase your flexibility, start with floor stretches or perform yoga. If you perform push up, squats or use of dumbbell, perform three sets of 10 repetitions for each exercise.

If you are not creative, then there are 1000s of videos and DVDs that offer everything from belly dancing, samba, Pilates to kickboxing. In fact some of the videos are available for free on you tube.

How often

To get the exercise benefits, you must be regular. Just by walking once a week will not make any difference in your health. There has to be a drastic change in your lifestyle.

Almost any exercise is better than no exercise but consistency is the key. If you start with walking then walk for at least 30 minutes twice a day, at least 4 times every week. Even with walking you can easily lose over 2,000 calories a week, which over 4 weeks equals close to 2 pounds of body weight.

However no matter what type of physical activity you undertake perform. Always perform a warm up. This means stretching the body with some type of light exercise. Warm up help the muscles get ready and you are less likely to develop an injury or post-exercise fatigue.

In order to derive the health benefits from home exercise one has to be realistic and practical. You will definitely not lose any weight overnight or become healthy instantly. However, if you do the exercises regularly, then the payback from exercise goes beyond just cutting down your waistline. Home exercise will boost your self-esteem, boost confidence, and above all else improve your health- so start today.

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