Revolutionary Nasal Polyp Treatment and Tips

Statistical data indicate that almost five percent of the population suffers from nasal polyps. And it is just official data. According to the estimations made, more than a half of the human population suffers from this problem.

The first attempts to use a brand-new method of nasal polyp treatment was published by the Greek doctor George Anastasopoulos in his revolutionary study on dermoplasty. The study investigates pros and cons of the technique when the nasal mucosa tissue is replaced by skin. The result is astonishing, scientists claim the complete termination of polyp formation and relapse. You can read more about the studies here. Thus, the experiment has shown the modern surgical way of polyp extraction and prevention.

But what to do if you have polyps here and now and if you cannot undergo a surgery at the moment? Of course, you need to try to minimize polyp spreading. One of the most important things to do to prevent nasal polyps is a healthy diet. Below, there are some nutrition tips that will help you cope with polyps:

  1.  Increase water and fluids intake.
    You need to keep your mucosa moisturized to withdraw allergens from the nasal cavity.
  2. Eat the products rich in Vitamin A and beta-carotine.
    Vitamin A is the guard of all mucosae membranes in the body. It keeps them well-protected, as well as decreases inflammations in the body, including sinus inflammation.
  3. Avoid food allergens.
    First of all, food allergens would have an adverse impact on the mucosa, causing its inflammation and constant urge to blow your nose. Based on the symptoms of usual allergies and with the help of elimination diet, you can identify the allergen that is causing polyps, as allergic issues are highly individual.
  4. Consume quercetin foods.
    First of all, due to its molecular structure, quercetin retains free radicals, thus being a powerful anti-oxidant.
  5. Increase selenium intake.
    Some of the enzymes consume selenium for the purpose of functioning of many organs and fighting against oxidants in the body.

All organism systems are interconnected. And that is why it is not a surprise that the food we consume has a great effect on polyp increase. Dietary adjustments are some of the easiest ways to get rid of this unpleasant problem. Follow the nutrition tips and you will forget about breezing difficulties and uncomfortable nose sensations.

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