How Morning Coffee Does You Good

As a coffee lover, there are times when you can’t just help but ask yourself if it’s stimulating or stressing your heart as there are lots of misconceptions about it.Some see coffee consumption as an unhealthy habit that’s almost equivalent to smoking or heavy which are risk factors for a coronary occlusion. Some would tell you that drinking up to five mugs of coffee daily could lessen the danger of some heart ailments, such as heart failure; others claim that it leads to a temporary spike in the blood pressure.

There are so many myths and truths about coffee consumption but now is the time to stop feeling guilty about it as it’s not bad for you. Yes, it’s good for you as recent research studies have suggested that morning coffee is safe and sound for you and could be beneficial for the heart. Below are some reasons you shouldn’t ignore your daily mug of coffee;

  1. Coffee offers protection to your body and reduces the risk of untimely death: In 2015, a study by Harvard University published in Circulation revealed that people who consumed 3 to 5 cups of coffee (a substance known to contain lots of antioxidants) on a daily basis were less susceptible to untimely death from any cause. The study further reported that those people were particularly less prone to breathe their last from stroke and heart disease when compared to those who didn’t or drank little. The researchers also revealed that consuming good coffee within that range provided the maximum level of protection from the body’s free radicals while consuming above five cups didn’t favorably affect the risk of casualty. Similar findings were also reported in a 2013 study published in Circulation on the cardiovascular merits of drinking coffee as well as that available in Circulation: Heart Failure in the year 2012 where it was reported that people who consumed 4 cups of coffee daily were less likely to have heart failure.
  2. Boosting of Physical Performance: Drinking one cup of coffee an hour just before the work of the day can perk up your performance by 11-12%. This is because caffeine boosts your adrenaline level in the blood thereby preparing you for physical action.
  3. Secures your brain and decreases risk of some neurodegenerative disorders: A significant level of caffeine in the blood has been found to mitigate the risk of dementia as well as Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have also revealed a 25% reduction in the risk of Parkinson’s disease with the regular consumption of coffee.
  4. Prevents the formation of gallstones: The consumption of caffeinated coffee has been shown to protect against gallstones. A study by Leitzmann et al. (1999; 2002) revealed coffee consumption to be linked with reduced risks of symptomatic gallstone disease in men and women respectively.
  5. It could lower the danger of Type 2 Diabetes: Diabetes is typified by hyperglycemia (elevated level of glucose in blood) that’s as a result of the body’s inability to make insulin or an insulin resistance. However, coffee has consistently been linked with a lesser risk of diabetes in observational studies. Caffeine helps to reduce insulin sensitivity and impair glucose tolerance thereby decreasing the risk of type II diabetes.

Although the moderate consumption of coffee is good for you, excess consumption of it can be harmful. Hence, it’s important to stick to the limits to preserve its health benefits as it’s not apparent that coffee is the culprit it’s thought to be. It’s a healthy beverage and its morning consumption does you good!

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