Implants (New Techniques)

The demand for implants (artificial tooth roots made of titanium or ceramic) has in recent years. Implants are in regard to the careful preservation of the remaining teeth, the pollution situation and the preservation of the jaw bone is an adequate substitute for the loss of their teeth. Prerequisite for successful implantation are a good general health and a good bone tender. Contra-indication for a successful implantation is certain distinct metabolic, infectious diseases and risk, or osteoporosis.

Progress in the implantation, the last few years including so developed that even today in our own little bone, thanks to the implantation of new technologies is possible. A bone augmentation (augmentation) with private and / or artificial bone is then indexed, which is then implanted, depending on the primary stability in the same meeting.

In the upper jaw, where e.g. often the maxillary sinus, the placement of implants so far prevented the possibility today, with the so-called sinus lift surgery, the mucosa of the maxillary sinus applied to the newly created space with soft materials in them. At the same time, in most cases the implants immediately are set.

Too narrow jaw bone can be the so-called bone-split operation in combination with the augmentation of artificial bone again conditions are created where an immediate implantation is often simultaneous. Strong bone defects or the lack of vertical structure of bone is now offering the possibility of a bone block from the retromolaren or from the hip bones found around this with or without screw fixation on the corresponding implantation place to transplant.

Even the relocation of the nerve mandibularis can now be made to make sure that the implantation of the nerve is not violated, the implant can be next to the newly relocated nerves.

So today it is in most cases possible to firmly seat the implants in the upper jaw in the lower dentures or in combination of own teeth and implants to anchor to the disadvantages of removable dentures.

Even in old age it is usually possible to appropriate for healthy implants. To e.g. ill-fitting removable prosthesis mandibularis implant with a so-called bridge anchor.  In fact, thanks to new techniques in the field of implantology new opportunities in a dental practice of modern dentistry, are found in many cases allow implants to plan for the patient the comfort of a fixed-seated prosthesis, or removable dentures.

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