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Calorie information is essential for everyone keeping a healthy lifestyle. It helps you to control your weight within desired frames and plan activity ahead. Obviously, average amount of calories per day is different for men and women and this is important to be considered in your daily routine.

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The first thing we want to advice you: don’t ask your partner to eat the same size of portion as yours because men and women require different amount of calories to support their bodies. Even if a man and a woman have the same proportions, woman needs less energy.

Male body is more energy intense because men normally have more muscles than women. Women are usually smaller than men and their lung capacity is less. That is why tall height and increased lung capacity require more calories to support male body that is more enduring.

Consumption of calories greatly depends on the lifestyle of both genders. Your daily value varies if you are sedentary, moderately active or active during your day. Your age is also taken into account because metabolism decelerates when you get older. Moreover, older people are generally not active and they need less energy to support their bodies.

To start with, 24 calories per hour is consumed to maintain 1 kilo of our body in general. If you want to know how many calories you need right now, use an easy calorie calculator and plan your diet and activity accordingly.

Average calories for men

If your goal is to maintain your current weight, stick to the average rate appropriate for your age and lifestyle. In case you want to lose some muscle mass and fat, you can reduce this rate by 10-15%. Remember, when you eat additional calories, they are stored in body and you get fat.

To give you some benchmarks, we prepared the table of average calories for man who is 5’10” and weighs 154 pounds. Our reference man is moderately active.

Average calories for women

When you start to analyze how many calories you need to consume per day, pay attention to the form of your activity. People who perform much physical work and train hard need more energy. Moreover, when you get pregnant or breastfeed, your body also requires supplementary calories.

Individual peculiarities influence your consumption of energy, for example, some people have metabolism much faster than others. Anyway, you can have a look at the table with average calories for women calculated for a moderately active woman who is 5’4″ and weighs 126 pounds.

You can use the whole table of estimated amount of calories that are required for your body depending on how old you are, how tall you are and what is your current activity level.

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