Breakfast Starts You Up and Keeps You Rolling!

Just like a vehicle needs a good crank-up and high quality fuel, we need high quality breakfast that should give you a push after sleep and set all our systems and organs rolling for the rest of the day.

If you want your car to last a lifetime, you must use best quality fuel. Likewise, you must provide healthy food for your body to keep it ticking for as long as possible. Needless to say, if you skip a breakfast, your battery will run low, and you will end up with your natural motor coughing and sneezing all day long. How else should it work without a good refill?

Is your breakfast healthy? So is your performance!

Breakfast is deservedly regarded as the most vital meal of the day. Following a healthy breakfast diet is crucial for both kids and adults. It has been observed, that the quality of your breakfast influences your performance during the day. This is quite observable in students.

A study carried out by a team of scientists at Cardiff University revealed a much better academic performance in students who had nutritious breakfasts on a regular basis. Particularly, they showed twice better results than those who did not care much about their morning feeding habits. The study required participants to share information about particular kinds of food they had taken for breakfast over the last few days. The goal was to count up the amount of basic ingredients and nutrients (fiber, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, etc.) consumed over the period and their influence on performance. Other studies confirm the dependence of academic performance on breakfast. This also applies to job performance.

How to Stick to a Healthy Breakfast Schedule

Although food habits are individual, as is our health, there are some basic patterns and recommendations for everyone.

  1. Make your breakfast nutritious by putting at least three food categories together: have a loaf of white bread, a piece of cheese, and a couple of eggs. This breakfast has one more advantage – it takes sheer seconds to make. To sum it up, it will give you a good shot of proteins to charge you up at least until lunch time. There are lots of alternatives to white bread: muffins, nagels, buns, rolls, pancakes, etc.
  2. Cook cereal porridge, add a glass of milk, and take a few slices of fruit. A scrambled egg will be a great addition. This kind of breakfast creates a healthy protein-and-fiber combination, which will keep your motor running for hours. Cooking porridge takes a bit of time, but you can do it on the eve of the day. Use spices, such as pepper, onion, сanella, etc.
  3. Make a fruit cocktail with milk. It is advisable to always have fruits in your freezer. There is no universal must-follow recipe for this kind of product, so you can use any fruit(s) and balance them with milk in your most preferred proportion. To cook this sort of cocktail, you will need a blender. This kind of breakfast will provide a balanced mix of proteins, sugars, and natural fiber.

These three alternatives are not absolute musts: instead, you can use them as tips and maybe create your own recipe. As follows from the above, a large part of your life depends on how well you eat. For this reason, this thing deserves to be taken seriously. It is advisable to consult your healthcare provider and determine what types of food will be the best in your individual case.

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