Natural Remedies To Regrow Thinning Hair in Men

Regrowing hair to make it thick and shiny again can be quite expensive. Hair thinning is a common thing, which is not something to lose sleep over (it usually does not affect the quality of life to a significant extent, after all!), but some men may find it frustrating and don’t want to face up to the fact they are losing hair. In this article, we will discuss natural remedies that are affordable and easy to use.

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You don’t need to spend a fortune on hair thickening, as there are natural remedies that, as studies suggest, are effective and worth trying. The following remedies are sorted not by efficiency, but by alphabetical order.

Remedy #1. Aloe vera.

This remedy can benefit hair in a number of ways. First, it can help unblock hair follicles, thus removing the oil that prevented them from functioning properly. Second, aloe vera can reduce dandruff. It is often used as an ingredient in hair conditioners. Since it is the scalp that is responsible for hair thinning and loss, tackling the problem is to be done with the help of substances that can soothe the scalp, and aloe vera is one of them. Aloe vera can be used in the form of a gel – in this case, it is applied directly to the scalp – or as part of a special shampoo.

Remedy #2. Fish oil.

The omega fatty acids found in fish oil can benefit your hair. In a study conducted by French researchers, it was demonstrated that taking specific omega 3 and omega 6 supplements, as well as antioxidants, can help achieve reduction in hair loss (reported by 89.9% of participants) and hair thickness improvement (86.1%), and improve density of hair (87.3%). If you cannot stand the smell and taste of fish oil sold in bottles, you can opt for fish oil pills – they normally do not taste fishy unless you chew them, so you can simply swallow them.

Remedy #3. Massage.

Hair thickness can be improved by means of massaging the scalp. Standardized scalp massage is reported to be able to make hair thicker (in the study, it improved from 0.085 to 0.092 mm). Massaging for just 4 minutes a day can make a difference, and results such as those mentioned above can be achieved within 24 weeks. The study showed it is effective because stretching forces induced in the course of massaging, as it appears, affect subcutaneous tissue.

Remedy #4. Onion juice.

The smelly substance can help treat alopecia areata and improve circulation. You can try applying the juice for fifteen minutes and then rinsing hair and using your shampoo. To make onion juice, blend several onions and separate the juice from the rest of the vegetable parts. In animal studies, such an approach led to improvement in keratin growth factor and blood flow.

Remedy #5. Rosemary oil.

One of the remedies which can be especially beneficial in men is rosemary oil, because it can be used as a treatment for androgenetic alopecia. A hair-growth-promoting essential oil, it can be mixed with a carrier oil. Massage it into your scalp and hair and rinse. It is recommended to repeat it several times a week. Keep in mind that rosemary oil must not be used separately, i.e. without a substance to be mixed with, like a shampoo or carrier oil; do not apply pure rosemary oil to skin – this is true of any essential oil.

Treating hair thinning and loss with natural remedies requires patience and determination, because such remedies are supposed to be used for quite a long time on a regular basis. Do not forget to consult a doctor anyway, because finding out what the underlying cause of hair thinning is can help you regrow hair.

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