Feminine Beauty Standards – Beautiful Changes

Nothing changes more rapidly than fashion dictating beauty standards. New trends are appearing, something is coming back, and each decade brings something fresh and unforgettable. Though there is a timeless tendency: a woman always does her best to look perfect at any time. Let’s have brief look at the most emblematic divas of the past 70 years because they still have much to tell us.

1950s 3 blondes and hourglass look. Pure glamour was born and Marilyn Monroe became its mother. Ample curves of Miss Marilyn remind us about postwar pin-up models but she definitely had more charisma. Another proprietress of hourglass figure, Sophia Loren, became an iconic model with very natural form that was built, as she admitted once, with Italian spaghetti. Matchless Brigitte Bardot was brave enough to show that fit body with sexy feminine curves was worth demonstration in bikini.

1960s adolescent physique. Have you seen a legendary Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Then you surely remember stunning Audrey Hepburn in the role of Holly Golightly, her fabulous outfits and willowy silhouette. In general, it-girls uncovered the potential of long, slim legs and leanness became popular. Actresses started to look more athletic but still feminine like Catherine Deneuve, while models acquired angularity that would be associated with high fashion for many more years. And who made skinny shapes so fashionable? Twiggy, of course, with her sporty figure with even androgyny features.

1970s Hi, Wonder Woman! The fashion trends require ladies to show more of their bodies. Fancy miniskirts and bell-bottomed trousers stretching over hips required a neat figure. Fortunately, TV fitness sessions helped women to get a chance to look like a real Wonder Woman. The celebrities of this period demonstrated the same tendency of keeping fit. Meryl Streep, Romy Schneider, Catherine Deneuve and other famous women were slim with loose hair and emphatic makeup.

1980s the era of athletic supermodels. Aerobics fashion was at its height and every woman tried to look like a supermodel emphasizing her advances in workouts. The ideal woman had to be athletic, delicately tanned, with taut muscles but curvy enough. The onstage dresses became more immodest; Cher and Madonna proved that a beautiful delicate figure brings a lot of money. The supermodel business flourished and ordinary girls used all possible diets and exercises to look like Cindy Crawford, Carol Alt or Brooke Shields.

1990s skinny chic. Waifish models like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and other stars showed that an extremely thin figure is in vogue again. Meanwhile, the iconic shape of Barbie and Pamela Anderson (long well-turned legs, very slim body and large breasts) was unreachable for the majority of real women. Celebrities were captured by the idea of everlasting youthfulness and it has been influencing us up to now.

2000s don’t be ashamed of your body! The society recognizes that feminine forms can be beautiful in curvier shapes. Fortunately, Jeniffer Lopez and Kim Kardashian together with plus-size models demonstrated that you don’t have to change yourself much but to emphasize you strong points. And if your greatest advantage is a well-padded butt, you should be proud of it! Meanwhile, slim sporty silhouettes of Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, Nicole Kidman and the whole team of the Angels of Victoria`s Secret reminded us to watch our calories and work our regularly because stomach must be flat anyway.

2010s natural and healthy. Nowadays, the definition of an ideal female body is not concrete. Modern actresses and models tell us that a woman is beautiful because she can be so different. They help us to try various images on (strict and sexy business lady, gorgeous diva or relaxed yogini) and find the best way to look for every lady. Monica Bellucci, Penelope Cruz, Beyonce Knowles, Heidi Klum, Kate Middleton… It is so hard to choose even top 10 women who shape modern beauty standards! However, we observe that the majority of us aspire a more natural and healthy look that means a well-shaped body without excess weight.

Be Healthy and Attractive

Modern media define what is a perfect woman, as Stephanie Nicholl Berberick says in her study, women unconsciously compare themselves to ideal images seen everywhere on TV screens, magazines, billboards and advertising in the internet. The profile of an attractive woman today is quite clear: it is a young lady with a slim sporty figure, she is healthy with a polished skin and shiny hair.

The good news – it is easy to reach desired standards today! The whole industry works for you to help you to look better: fitness and wellness centers, SPAs, beauty salons, nutritionists, coaches, estheticians and other beauty specialist can help any lady to become a better version of herself.

However, there are a lot of simple everyday things that you can do yourself for your body. The first crucial aspect you should take care of is your eating habits and the quality of meal you eat. We are what we eat, indeed.

We do not support severe diets that cause a yo-yo effect and psychological problems. It is wiser to obtain new healthy eating principles and try to stick to them on a daily basis without any time constraints.

Here are several simple habits based on the Scientific Recommendations for Healthy Eating Guidelines in Ireland:

Eat and vary products from 5 food groups:

  1. Dairy,
  2. Fruit,
  3. Grain food,
  4. Meats, poultry, fish, nuts, tofu, eggs and seeds,
  5. Vegetables, beans and legumes.
  • Make your normal serving size smaller;
  • Substitute side dish for salad, vegetables or fruit;
  • Choose plain wholemeal starchy products instead of those made of refined flour;
  • Eat at least 5 vegetables and fruit a day;
  • Replace frying by boiling, steaming, baking or grilling;
  • Limit your salt and sugar intake as much as possible;
  • Drink a lot of water;
  • Choose low-fat products.

The second basic aspect which leads you to the figure of your dream is a regular workout. The most successful way is to choose an activity training all sets of muscles. You can divide your practice into several sessions per week devoting more attention to a definite part of your body during one workout: for example, one day you exercise abs and legs, another day is for back and arms.

Alternatively, you can engage in sports that train the whole body simultaneously. It can be fitness, dancing, swimming, running, yoga, etc. And it is possible to combine your sessions the way you like. The main thing is to be active, to use every chance to work out your body: walk on stairs instead of using elevators, walk more instead of using cars and buses or substitute them for a bicycle. Simply promise yourself to walk and breathe deeply within 30 minutes per day and this ritual will change you greatly!

Apparently, every woman considers the way she looks to be a great part of her life. Your figure influences your self-esteem that shapes your social behavior. That is why it is worth to take care of yourself in all possible terms and arrange a balanced system of physical practice and healthy eating that will work perfectly for you.

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