How to Get Rid of Water Weight

Water weight can make you feel quite uncomfortable and upset, especially if you are on a weight loss program and no results are seen because of this. Water retention (or edema) is a sign that something is wrong with your body, something isn’t quite right. Sometimes it can be a sign of some illness in development: liver or kidney disease, heart disease, or even cancer. Therefore, do not wait until it gets worse. If you see any symptoms of water retention in your body, go and see the doctor. Perhaps, all that you need is some changes in your diet, or may be you will require treatment, whatever it is, do not practice self-treatment and apply for professional help.

First thing you should do is to remove excessive sodium intake. The problem of your water retention can be in your love to salt. Surely enough, salt is essential for our organism but is moderate amounts. An average American consumes about 6,000mg of salt daily, when the recommended dosage is just 2,400mg and not more. We get this excess of salt mostly from processed foods as well as preserved meats, canned goods, and fast food. In order to prevent this read the labels carefully.

A balanced diet rich in potassium and fiber is another key to your health and avoiding of edema. As water retention shows you that there is something in abundance in your body, or, vise versa, your body is deprived of something. A balanced, healthy diet is a way out. It will prevent you from having something too much or too little.

Stay well-hydrated. It may seem strange and really challenging but it is really so. You get edema when you are not properly hydrated. If you eat a little your metabolism slows down, when you drink little, your body will retain fluids. Therefore, you should drink pretty much in order to be well-hydrated, and consequently, stay healthy. It is recommended that you drink water instead of other drinks when you are thirsty.

Add workouts and any type of physical activities to your daily schedule. Majority of people lead sedentary lifestyle and this is not really good for health. We need to be active and movement get our fluids going and we sweat and get rod of the salts. When we more blood rate increases and blood vessels dilate. Physical activity is good whatever way you look.

Diuretics are considered pretty effective in the water retention case, however, it is recommended to be really very careful using them. There are natural diuretics such as coffee and tea and you’d better try these before you opt for non-prescription medications. They are good if taken once but do not get used to them as they evoke potassium excess in the body as well as calcium, iron and can be a reason foe dehydration as well. If you need an over-the-counter diuretic you should consult with a doctor first.

However, water weight gain is inevitable and even normal in some cases. This concerns pregnancy and nursing a few weeks after giving a birth. This is natural and it is pretty hard to do anything about it. A woman just has to wait. Some people suppose that the process of weight loss is accompanied with water retention but this is not always the case. Fad and express diets are able to evoke water retention while gradual weight loss is not.

All in all, if you want to get rid of this unpleasant condition, follow these advises and be wise; better go and check with the doctor instead of trying to treat yourself, perhaps, wrongly.

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