Seven Scientifically-Approved Ways to Speed up Your Metabolism

Recently, obesity and unhealthy lifestyle have plagued many categories of people and even some nations. There are crowds of men and women struggling to find ways to lose kilos and feeling powerless to change things for the better.

In many cases, the solution is easier than they think – boosting metabolism. Intense metabolism means tons of burnt calories and therefore tons of energy boiling inside you. Vice versa, slow metabolism means tons of unused calories deposited in your body and failure to keep up with the inflow of new ones. The result will be a frustratingly huge amount of energy going down the drain. Happily, the salvation is close at hand. All you need is a bit of time and strong will!

Seven Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

If you suddenly feel too weak to handle the workload you used to handle just a short while ago or you have gained kilos over a brief period of time, these may signify slowing down metabolism. Don’t panic! There are lots of simple and safe ways to deal with it!

  1. Change your life mode. Sedentary life with too much sitting results in few calories burnt and strips you of a good amount of energy. You can pretty much correct it by simply standing and walking without even doing intense physical exercise. This is particularly true of office workers who have to sit in front of their PCs and laptops all day long. Please, take breaks, stand up for a little while, or use a standing desk!
  2. Physical activity. You can burn calories and thus get your metabolic ball rolling by doing exercise. Particularly, you can go for high-intensity interval training and/or weightlifting. One research showed a 17% reduction in men’s belly fat after 12 weeks of training. Lifting heavy weight is a nice way to train muscles, which are metabolically active by nature. Men and women who go for various types of sports (aerobics, weightlifting, high-intensity interval training, etc.), gain muscle, lose fat, and have higher metabolism.
  3. Avoid sleep deprivation. Sufficient sleep is a must for proper functioning, as it regulates the intake of calories. People who sleep less than they should, often end up with high production of ghrelin – a so called hunger hormone. Hunger forces them to eat more, gain weight, lose metabolism, and, not infrequently, develop diabetes type 2.
  4. Take protein-rich food. Scientists have proved that metabolism intensifies shortly after you have a good meal. This process is caused by the burning of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Proteins take up the biggest share of calories burnt. Therefore, protein-rich food feels more satisfying, and it requires smaller portions. This can prevent overeating and related issues.
  5. Spice-up your diet. Pepper and other spices contain capsaicin, which triggers metabolic processes in your body. According to some studies, just a few chilli peppers can charge you with extra energy for about 30 minutes. Because the effect is relatively short, it is advisable to combine this method with other ones.
  6. Take cold water instead of sugary drinks. Thus you can help your body deal with calories that are still there instead of giving it more work to do on top of what is not finished yet. Drinking cold water can take even more calories, because your body needs energy to balance out the temperature (thermogenic effect).
  7. Drink green tea and coffee. These products contain substances (caffeine, tannins, etc.), which help convert fats to fatty acids. This reaction stands for a large part of general metabolism.

All these tips are based on latest research findings and have proved effective. However, it is strongly recommended to consult a trained specialist before trying to follow any of them. What works well for some people may not work or may even work against others. It all depends on your general health status, tolerance to substances/activities, individual physical characteristics, etc. Once you and your physician have figured out what works best for you, try it. Do not terminate your doctor’s attendance until you know it really works. Good luck and God bless you all!

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