If We Need Sleep So Much – Why Don’t We Sleep?

Many people are deprived of sleep in one way or the other; while some struggle to sleep, others find it difficult to fall or stay at sleep in the night. The inability to fall or stay asleep is torturing to the individuals concerned. Unfortunately, a huge percentage of people complain about not getting enough sleep in our society today.

Most people have unknowingly contributed to their inability to fall or stay asleep; the continuous intake of substances such as caffeine and energy drinks has done more harm than good to the body. Such materials enable people to work or study for longer hours without falling asleep.

Sleep is quintessential to maintaining a good health status; it’s necessary for every living organism with a brain. Research has shown that inadequate sleep contributes to the development of chronic health conditions that adversely affect the life expectancy of individuals. Insufficient sleep has been reported to cause myocardial infarction, affects mental wellness, increased weight gain, an individual’s daily performance, and triggers chronic health issues. To enjoy sleeping at night, conditions such as calmness, peace, and a comfortable place to lay your head are crucial factors that must be in place.

According to different surveys conducted on the required amount of sleep required, it was reported that approximately 8 hours of sleep is needed for both men and women. The report suggested that 8 hours of interrupted sleep maintains a good health status and prevent the occurrence of sickness in both males and females. Furthermore, lesser hours of sleep impairs the normal functions of individuals in different spheres of life.

Most people are deprived of sleep because they are workaholics; they work for longer hours in the office and at home. This reduces the amount of hours available for quality sleep. In addition to working for more extended hours, increased traveling also affects sleeping hours. Most often people are forced to carry out domestic activities late at night; this also reduces the required sleeping hours. Unfortunately, this is the trend of today’s society. It has become a basic norm that you must sleep for lesser hours to make the best of your day. Thus, many work shifts are structured in such a way that people are left with no other choice but to meet this demand. This hectic work shift was once restricted to healthcare professionals; however, other sectors around the globe have adopted the implementation of similar hectic shifts.

There are many solutions to help people fall or stay asleep for longer hours.

  • Drugs which contain melatonin are sometimes prescribed to individuals that are deprived of sleep. Depending on the condition of the people, other drugs with stronger active ingredients may be prescribed. Before the use of any over the counter sleeping pills, it’s important to consult your physician about your sleeping disorder. Your doctor will diagnose the precise cause of the disorder and prescribe effective drugs. Ensure you stick to the doctor’s prescription on how and when to use the prescribed pills. You could be referred to a specialist depending on the outcome of the physician’s diagnosis.
  • For individuals with sleeping disorders that aren’t associated with medical issues, there are behavioral therapies that can help you with the sleeping disorder. The treatment focuses on a change in habits, diet, and prescription of drugs that can correct the sleeping disorder.

The numerous benefits of sleeping for the required number of hours cannot be overemphasized. It’s important to pay attention to the tips above, to avoid possible detriments to your general health status. The optimum performance you desire is only guaranteed when you sleep adequately.

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