Raw Food Diet for Fast Weight Loss – Is it Really Effective?

People on raw food diet  show great results in weight loss. Some of them have reported that they have lost about 15 pounds during the 1st week. This article will teach you how to lose weight fast weight following the raw food diet.

Why does a raw food diet stimulate weight loss?

Low Calories and Effects
It is a well known fact that raw food is generally very low in calorie. Thus, you may consume as many raw veggies and fruits as you wish and you will feel full not receiving many calories. This help to control the calorie number you eat.

Comparing to the mistakes people generally make following other diets, you will see the benefits of the raw food diet. People on other diets often starve themselves and have to fight hunger and food cravings. Thus they often binge and as a result undo the hard results they achieved with a diet and exercise program.

With a raw food diet plan, you won’t feel hungry which is better on the way to weight loss. You can restrict the calorie consumption to 1200 calories (for women) and 1800 calories (for men) without starving yourself. It is the major reason why fast weight loss is possible with a raw food diet. There is another reason.

Digestive Enzymes
Raw food is rich in digestive enzymes. When food is heated to 118 degrees, enzymes tend to change the structure and they generally break down. That’s why cooked and processed food is really low in digestive enzymes.

Why are those digestive enzymes so important for weight loss?

The explanation we give is just a simple version. In short, digestive enzymes are responsible for breaking down the food that we consume. When there are many digestive enzymes, your body can break down foods into the basic forms. Due to this process the body utilizes food more efficiently. If not, because of digestive enzymes lack, your body deposits most of the nutrients we consume provoking obesity.

Due to the two major reasons, raw food diet is effective for fast weight loss. Besides apart from promoting weight loss there are a great number of other benefits in eating raw vegetables and fruits. Moreover this diet does not cause any side effects. You should try it out.

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