Choosing Healthy Drinks

Sugary soft drinks are really a problem for Americans. This is 100% true. Still, they are produced in huge amounts because it is a very profitable business and no one in it wants to lose money.

Sports drinks, fruit drinks, heavily sweetened iced tea, and other sugary drinks are consumed daily by four out of five U.S. children and two out of three U.S. adults in general. Even people on weight loss program drink all these beverages in rather large amounts. Some prefer fruit juice but this is hardly a better substitute. They have more nutrients, for sure, but they are also loaded with sugar and are no better than a soda pop.

You have got a choice what to drink. The best option is water. It is calorie and sugar-free and easy to find. However, sometimes we drink other beverages and in order to know how good or bad they are, here is the following information.

Mind that drinks with a lot of sugar will have little benefit to you other than load you with calories. They do not contain any actual nutrients and only evoke weight gain and make the risk of getting type 2 diabetes higher.

There are drinks that can be a part of a healthy diet if consumed in moderation:

  • Coffee and tea are calorie-free if you drink them without sugar and cream. They have also other benefits for a person’s health.
  • Artificially sweetened drinks also contain no calories; however, their effects on weight in case of long-term consumption are unknown.
  • 100% fruit juice is rich in vitamins; however, it is loaded with calories and it is not recommended to drink more than a glass a day.
  • Milk is not recommended in the amount of more than 1 glass a day as it is pretty nutritious and full of calories.
  • Alcohol can be either a tonic for you or a poison – everything depends on the dosage you take.

Taken in moderation alcohol reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes; however, it also prone to increases the risk of breast and colon cancer. It is forbidden to pregnant and nursing women as well as some others from risk groups.

All in all when you opt for drinks, the following tips will be of help:

  1. Forget about sugar. You get about 150 calories with an average soda or fruit punch; therefore, imagine how much do you get if these are your favorite drinks. You are able to gain about 15 pounds in a year. Do you really want this? That is why you’d better cut back on sugar drinks. You will stay healthier in all senses.
  2. “Diet” drinks with artificial sweeteners may evoke cravings for super-sweet foods, which is not really good. Pure drinking cold water is a much better and wiser choice. You can make a variation by adding some lemon juice or a little bit of fruit juice. Plain coffee or tea will do as well.
  3. Mind that sport drinks are specially made to provide athletes with carbs and electrolytes, and fluid, so that they are able to work out efficiently and long hours. Since you are not an athlete, sport drinks for you just a bad source of sugary calories.
  4. Energy drinks are also something you do not really need. They are much more loaded with sugar than even soft drinks and they also contain caffeine that increases your blood pressure. There are a lot of herbs in them which are capable of evoking any kind of adverse effects. Therefore, think twice, if you need all of this or not.

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