Maple Lemon Diet – Natural Body Cleanse

Toxins are really harmful for your body and it’s essential to detoxify the organism. Doing this you should be careful while choosing a detoxification method because certain procedures can harm your health.

Maple lemon Diet is the safest method of weight loss and body detoxification. A great number of people have used it for over 60 years due to its credibility in body detoxifying.

Three days before starting the master cleanse diet it is recommended to ease in the program treating yourself slowly to the first diet enabling your body, in particular the stomach for handling the process.

  • Go in for fruit and vegetable diet. It will train the stomach and body to consuming light food before the diet.
  • On the 2nd day, you should limit the food consumption generally with broth and fruit juices.
  • During the 3rd day you are to consume only citrus juice, namely orange juice. Avoid eating solid foods.

Maple lemon diet generally produces results in 10 days. Be sure that you follow the schedule drinking about 8 to 10 glasses of master cleanse concoction every day. Vitamins and food supplements are to be avoided. Lemon is rich in vitamins which will help the body go through the whole program. Maple syrup and cayenne pepper consists of essential nutrients necessary for the body.

  • Honey should not be used as an alternative to the maple syrup.
  • Feeling the urge for food or when you feel hunger, you are to drink some lemon juice.
  • You should restrict to minimal exercise and do not perform any strenuous activity while following the program.

To ease out of this dieting you should take orange juice a day after the lemonade cleanses diet. Your diet should include just citrus juice like orange for example. Take gradually the next pace blending broth and fruit juices to the diet plan. During the 3rd day, you are to ease out slowly consuming fruits and vegetables before returning to the regular meals.

Maple lemon diet plan is effective only if you are really determined to help yourself. After 10 days you should not indulge yourself to hefty and full meals. You are to know how to reduce the intake of food and train your body to perform exercises properly.

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