Are Weight Loss Pills Effective and Safe for Teenagers?

The growing teenage obesity rate makes medical experts concerned. Many schoolchildren in the UK and US are categorized as obese. A lot of children are at high risk of developing diabetes, stroke, heart diseases and even death. The concerning factor in increasing teenage statistics is due to the fact that they can become obese adults in future. Doctors consider that sedentary life and large intake of fast food is responsible for developing obesity in teenagers.

To control the increasing obesity in teenagers, doctors recommend general life changes like eating balanced meals regularly, performing exercises. Although in obese people when changes of lifestyle are not effective experts generally prescribe such weight loss pills as Xenical.

Researches prove that patients can lose more pounds with obesity treatments involving slimming pills in combination with a low calorie dieting and a regular exercise program. Doctors think that patients ought to make the use of slimming therapy program because in case they can’t decrease weight even with weight loss pills, the only option left is bariatric surgery (expensive and involving possible side effects).

Xenical orlistat is one of the best slimming medications. It is a prescription drug approved by the FDA. Xenical orlistat acts as a fat absorption medication. It works in the digestive system preventing dietary fat absorption. Studies found out that Xenical prevents 30% of fats from digestion. This way, non digested fats are not absorbed by the body and are removed with bowel movements. The net calorie consumption is lowered and you start losing weight. As the trials have indicated Xenical help you lose about 5 to 10 per cent of the weight in just 6 to10 months in case you combine the drugs with a proper diet and perform exercises regularly.

Xenical used to be meant only for adults in 1999 when it was first produced. However later researches cleared out that the medication is effective and safe for teenagers too. Actually FDA approved Xenical for treating obesity in adolescents 12 – 16 years old in December 2003.

The approval for using Xenical in teenagers is based on the study results. 539 adolescents of 12 – 16 years old were involved in the research. The goal was to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of Xenical in combination with a low calorie diet plan and exercise program comparing to the effectiveness of lifestyle alterations only.

The results detected that adolescents on Xenical had significant fat mass reduction, greater reduction in waist circumference, decreased BMI compared to the adolescents trying to lose weight by only changing their lifestyle.

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