The Dukan Diet – How Does It Work?

The Dukan Diet has become very popular in the Western Europe. It was developed by Dr. Pierre Dukan and represents a high protein weight loss plan. Another name for this diet is the Paris Diet.

Protein has got a potential to make you feel full for a long period of time. It also helps to increase the metabolic rate and assists in the muscle building process. There are a great many of the diet plans that are based on protein intake, however, not all of them seem to work. Dukan diet plan, actually, does.

It includes 4 phases that should be followed accordingly in order to achieve success.

1). Attack Phase

This phase usually last from 1-10 days and is utterly restrictive. Its aim is to make you get rid of the kilograms in no time. It presupposes the consumption of a lot of proteins such as steaks, fish, low fat diary, eggs, and etc. This is the hardest part and some people will find it hard to endure. However, it is temporary and should be adhered to in order to reach the goal.

2). Cruise Phase

This phase is easier. Vegetables are added to your meals in any variety and abundance. It will be even better news for vegetable lovers. However, carb lovers will still find it pretty difficult. But again, you will have to remember that the Dukan Diet plan is all about proteins, this is its basis.

3). Consolidation Phase

Consolidation phase is aimed at your weight consolidation and it is a step to move you to the next stage where you will eat normally. Here fruit, as well as bread, pasta, potatoes and other products are added. The main product still stays protein. To make you feel better you are allowed to have 2 free meals a week when you can eat whatever you like.

4). Stabilization Phase

This is the stage where you actually go back to your normal eating. One alternation will be that from now on you are going to have one protein day a week and adhere to this schedule. Apart from this you can eat whatever you like.

There are a lot of favorable reports about this diet. However, this is only you who decide whether to follow it or not. It is possible, even if you love carbs really much.

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