Tricks with Clothes to Look Slim

Most women have a common thought – how to look slim? Some reduce the food consumption, others do exercises. The thing is that many women do not know that clothing may be changed to suit the body structure and make you look slim. Wearing clothes unsuitable for your body cannot flatter your figure. Are there ways to look slimmer and not throwing out gorgeous clothes from the closet? It is possible if you know how! Below you will find the tips for looking slim changing your wardrobe.

Accentuate your assets to draw away the attention from problem zones. Women with large waist should avoid wide belts. For those who have nice legs, it is advisable to wear a knee length skirts together with a shirt so that to catch attention to the legs.

Top-heavy women are to stay away from clingy fabrics especially on the top zone. Go in for some dark colors. Tops with raglan sleeves fitting loose and slimming down to the waist and hips will be very nice. Choose thin materials (cotton/cotton jersey). To look slim, use one-color dressing.

The fit for pants goes a great way in making you slimmer. The pants should cover half of the heel. Avoid cropped pants or French pleats. The pants should fit snugly, not tightly. A fabric excess on the bottom adds bulk which makes it look shapeless. Long pants give an illusion of a long body thus you will look slimmer.

Colors are an important factor to look slim. Black is on top in the list of ladies on the so called heavier side. It doesn’t though mean that you always need to wear totally black outfits. You may use some bright hues to highlight those body zones that can be advantageous. You should also check large patterned pants and tops you might have. As a rule large patterns add bulk to the body, so you can find certain delicate designs.

If the hips cause problems you need to select clothes having small pad shoulders (for those who must wear them). Choose tops reaching the hips as they slim down this zone. Jackets, tailored suits, classic cuts, shirtwaist dresses are good for people with heavy hips. Put on light shades on the torso and below darker stockings. You need to select patterns which go below the knees to underplay the hips. If you want to wear some dress, you are advised to choose the flowing ones with an ankle length. Remember to stick to the A-line patterns. Pinafore and umbrella cuts are not for you actually.

Select the garments having vertical lines. It is the great trick to look slimmer. Vertical lines elongate and slim the body. Such lines may be made by prints, topstitching and pinstripes, etc. as a matter of fact horizontal lines generally add width, so you need to avoid them.

Loose clothes worn every day are not right. Choose clothes that you fit you nice. Do not wear small size clothes. Bracelet style watches as well as skinny bangles make arms look thin. Loud colors and shiny fabrics should be avoided as they reflect light making your body look larger.

There are a great variety of women clothes today. To find the proper style and cut to flatter your figure will not be as tough as you may believe. These different tricks to look slimmer will help you have a new look and you do not have to sweat on a treadmill.

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