Depression and Nutrition Requirements

Depression has long been known since the times of Hippocrates who named it melancholia, and, though, it has not been considered an illness as it is, it is a serious condition and should not be ignored.

There are two types of depression: endogenous and neurotic. The former goes from within the body while the latter is evoked by some environmental factor. It is not just an overall state of constant sadness or irritability. It is not a mood that will pass. It is a severe long-lasting condition that is capable to influence your physical conditions and can lead to serious problems and even suicide in many cases.

On the physical level it is fraught with certain complications such as coronary artery disease, asthma and HIV, and etc. Diabetes, heart problems and what not tend to aggravate in the state of depression.
If a person feels depressed for about two weeks in a row he or she gets a diagnosis of major depression. It is based on the symptoms that complicate a person’s life a lot.  Dysthymia is a type of depression that is less severe in character but it is a longer lasting condition. It is a state when a person goes throughout the day without any feeling good and so-called mechanically.

Another type of depression is bipolar disorder, or maniac depression. It is called so because it a person’s behavior has got two distinct patterns – one manic and one depressive. The former is characterized by euphoria and certain amount of danger and a person’s inclination to any kind of abuse. The latter represents major depression and all its characteristics.

Very frequently depression is evoked by some event such as the death of a spouse of any other unhappy, or stressful, or frightening condition.

The treatment pf depression generally includes medications administration. The most common of them are SSRIs, MAOIs, TCAS and etc. They resemble in their work of blocking or enhancing the chemicals inside the brain, the only difference is the very chemicals they affect. Besides, depression is treated with therapy and it is more effective in combination with drugs. There are a lot of therapy types and practitioners who are ready to help.

Also, depression is better treated with exercise and an appropriate diet. All in all, these two things are in general beneficial for the overall health of a person and they also allow the medications to do their work in a better way.

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