Celebrity Diet Secrets to Lose Body Fat Fast

New fad diets appear every year and, whenever they work or not, they are tired and are hoped for. A great number of people tend to look at celebrities in their search of a right diet. They look through the magazines seriously thinking that these secrets shared there by movie or TV stars can be easily followed and will give the expected results.

It should be taken into consideration that all those models and celebrities are not the best example for imitation. The diets they have to follow while filming or during the time in front of the camera are not really healthy and many of the stars tend to gain rather a considerable amount of pounds when they are not filming.

Mind that a celebrity diet is frequently a short term one. It starts several weeks prior to a new movie. The diet depends on the requirements of the role and sometimes it takes a lot of effort to loose large amounts of weight. Such crush diets can not be healthy by definition. They only allow reaching sort-term goals but not keep you fit and healthy in the first place.

Besides, do not forget that all those amazing pictures in glossy magazines showing us celebrities in their best looks are really heavily edited to make the latter looker both thinner and more appealing.
Celebrities tend to stick to the latest fad diet that claim to make wonders in the limited period of time. Really, it is not that difficult to make the body to lose weigh dramatically, another question is at what price.

Try to limit you calorie intake to a bare minimum of 1500 calories if you are a man and to a 1200-calorie minimum if you are a woman. Be sure that you will start to lose weight rather quickly because you will burn more calories than you intake and in the condition of energy sources deficiency the body will burn what you have already stored. Eventually, your body will get used to work this way and this is actually not the best solution. As such diets can lead to muscle tissue destruction as the body will use it to supplement the lack of calories. Such a so-called starvation mode is only fraught with the likelihood of your weight coming back in no time at all.

It is not experienced badly by celebrities because all these consequence start after the filming and therefore are seen by no one and they can go back to their normal form as long as they like.
Therefore, be aware of all these consequences before starting any of these diets. In case of abrupt calorie intake reduction up to 30% you are very much likely to feel dizzy and lack of energy.

There are even such diets that will make you sick and they are strongly recommended to be avoided. Remember, there are things that celebrities can afford and you can not. Health is important; therefore do not get fooled by another fad diet hoping for a miracle. Instead, opt for something balanced and beneficial, something that will keep you fit and able to live normally throughout the day.

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