Natural Weight Loss Patches – Lose 25lbs in a Month

Actually weight loss patches have become the most popular slimming aids nowadays. Easy to use they are very appealing to many people wishing to get rid of extra weight fast.

Weight loss patches are better in comparison with other patches which contain harmful drugs or other dangerous components. You may have already heard about the zero size patch. Size zero pills as well as patches include clenbuterol, a drug for horses. It can help fast weight loss, but it can also do significant damage to the internal organs. So, you’d better keep away from those patches.

Natural patches include different natural components which lower the appetite and stimulate the metabolic process. This promotes fat burning ability of the body and decreases the food consumption drastically. Natural components don’t produce any adverse effects. No surprise that more people are choosing natural slimming patches for weight loss.

The common ingredients in the patches are:

5HTP– Low levels of serotonin in overweight individuals cause binge eating and carbohydrate cravings. And here comes 5HTP. It prevents the drop in levels of serotonin and lowers the carvings for sweets and carbohydrates. There is no need to say that it affects the weight leading to reduced intake of food. Moreover, 5HTP is beneficial to enhance your sleep.

Fucus vesiculosus is an extract from a sea plant which helps to treat many diseases and is also very effective to maintain weight.

L-carnitine is an amino acid that stimulates fat burning helping to meet the requirements for energy. It can do this carrying fatty acids towards the mitochondria. When fatty acids cannot reach the mitochondria they are deposited in the form of fats. Fatty acids cannot be oxidized till they reach the mitochondria.

Lecithin contains Inositol and Choline helping to break down cholesterol and fat cells. It is effective for arterial congestion. Besides, lecithin promotes better distribution of weight and boosts the immune system.

Other ingredients are also present in the patches and among them we can mention Gaurana, flaxseed oil, yerba mate and so on.

A good slimming patch helps you lose up to 6lbs in a week. Many people have managed to lose up about 25lbs in a month using such patches.

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