A Healthy Diet Snack To Suppress Appetite For 9 Hours

The makeup of the diet bar has been found out by one of the best doctors for such a disorder as diabetes. Actually the doctor was working on preparing different snacks for people suffering from diabetes and discovered that the uncooked corn can starch, if added to some other components, would gradually turn into blood sugar in a longer time than some other types of food. This process will be very helpful in combating hunger that we frequently get.

The bars are actually being advertised as snacks for people with diabetes, although they possess all qualities of a really great snack. And they help to lose weight in a natural way.

First of all, as it has already been mentioned, they can convert very slowly to sugar, and this will not provoke the spike in insulin release which encourages the body first to produce and then deposit fat. It allows the body to burn the calories off before they are converted into fats.

Second, the bars keep on supplying you with a flow of blood sugar for about 9 hours, therefore acting as natural suppressant of appetite, and helping to avoid harmful snacking. In several clinical researches, the patients who ate the bars between their meals eat on average 21% fewer calories during the next meal.

It’s worth repeating. Consuming one of the bars between having meals decreases the calories intake at next meals by 1/5 of the usual amount. This kind of weight loss is preferred by many people. This is a sustainable diet due to which the lost weight won’t come back again.

Compared to Atkins advantage snacks which is an ordinary low carb snack, this bar can actually win with hands down. These bars do not provoke spikes in the sugar levels. The bar is effective to suppress appetite for almost 9 hours, while Atkins advantage snack cannot do this. The bar is healthy for your heart as it contains low reduced fat, and it is absolutely cholesterol free, besides it does not contain any trans fats. And Atkins snack is frankly speaking not so heart healthy. The bar described in the article contains more proteins in comparison with Atkins snack.

Moreover there is another benefit produced by slow converting and this is sustained energy you get from the snack. You should consume a snack in the morning thus you will receive enough energy supply for the whole day.

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