How Can I Make My Cooking Healthier?

More and more people nowadays want to reduce sodium, fat and cholesterol. Thus they are seeking for healthy cooking ways. Making some changes in cooking ways, you will be able to turn out certain healthy foods which everybody will like.

You’d better use butter and oil stingily. You should select healthy oils to cook. Such oils are olive oil, grapeseed oil and peanut oil.

You should trim all fats you see from meat before starting to cook. After it is cooked, you are to drain off fats. Always remove fats off the sauces, soups, gravies and stews chilling it and also skimming any fats off. Then you can reheat and enjoy your meal.

Baking does not actually add fat. So, you should bake meat and vegetable dishes. Broil lean meat and seafood on a pan and drip all the fats away.

Fresh spices as well as herbs add flavor, aroma and color to foods. Toasted seeds and nuts, herbed vinegars, citrus zest also add flavor and texture. Everybody needs sodium, but in many foods you can eliminate half of it and still eat a delicious meal.

Grilling is also worth trying. Small things such as chopped vegetables and seafood may be grilled with a grill basket.

Poaching is to simmer foods in water, juice, vinegar or milk. As a matter of fact poached foods are delicate and tender. The fluids can be utilized for a sauce on the top of foods. Another method of poaching foods is putting all the ingredients in a foil pouch for cooking in the oven.

Roasting is a good to cook meat, poultry and seafood. Baste the meat with juice, wine or broth to add taste. To make a gravy, you may take a gravy strainer to eliminate the fats.

Sauteing is great to have the best flavor from the food. Take some broth, cooking spray, wine to add moisture.

Simmering or braising is a wonderful method for cooking tougher meat, because braising makes fibers softer, thus meat gets juicy and tender. You can simmer fruits to make sauces and add to various desserts.

Steaming is simple. You just cook foods hanging them above some liquid that is simmering. The food can keep the flavor and nutrients with this way of cooking. In case you use juice or broth, this can be helpful in flavoring the foods.

Stir-frying is becoming very popular. Meat, vegetables and some broth or oil on high heat get combined for a healthy and fast cooking way. Study several traditional sauces that are simple and try to avoid soy sauce to reduce the intake of sodium.

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