Hair Care – The 7 Mistakes to Avoid

While most people know when their hair has become wrong, at times it may not be clear why it has happened. We tend to call it bad hair day – as if bad hair was inevitable.

Actually nearly all bad behaving hair is possible to be traced to poor hair care and styling.

Following fashion trends

Because it is in trend, actually does not mean it suits you. The type of hairstyle depends on the face, age, hair type and several other factors and it doesn’t change with fashion. Once you’ve found the proper haircut, you should keep it fresh.

Selecting a high maintenance cut

Some cuts may looked good in magazines or when you sit in a stylist’s chair, however if it takes 3 hours to make, it is not practical for daily wear. Be sure the stylist is aware that you wish to maintain the hairstyle easily.

Do not know what I want

Making a research before visiting the hairdresser, you increase the chances to become glad with the haircut. Generally people hope their stylist can pick the ideal cut for them, however no one can know what you want.

A celebrity hair stalker

Celebrities have stylists on hand 24 hours a day, and thousands pounds for tools, hair care products, cosmetics and so on. As celebrities can lead their way in fashion, it’s likely that the hairstyles they wear are rather tricky to control, so it would be better for you to choose a toned down version that is easier to maintain.

Wrong tools

A great number of styling tools are now available, but using wrong tools may result in a disaster. Ask the stylist for advice about the tools for hair care you ought to use. You also need to ask your stylist to show several techniques to style your hair.

Abuse of hair styling

Overdoing your hair with different gels, mousses, sprays may provoke product build-up and result in bad hair. It is the case when you utilize cheaper goods containing more unnatural and processed components.

Purchasing mediocre products for hair care

The best advice a stylist can give you is actually to purchase professional products for hair. Salon hair products might seem expensive, but as a matter of fact you need to utilize lesser amount of such products as they include more concentrated components. Thus a bottle can last for quite a long period. Professional products for hair care will serve better for the hair because they won’t leave nasty residues building up with time, as often happens with cheaper products. Salon products can enhance your hair condition over some time with their naturally ingredients.

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