How to Start a Habit for Your Health

This is a problem familiar to many women: you start exercising with eagerness and believe that you will stick to it for long. But then a week passes and one day you feel lazy, or tired, and you stop. You feel upset and disappointed and do not understand how all these people can jog in the morning every single day!? And you wonder, if you could ever be as much persistent.

The thing is that your motivation or determination has nothing to do with it. What you actually need is to keep it going long enough so that is becomes a habit. Something like cleaning teeth in the morning. It should become a permanent part of your schedule and not a temporary whim or a flash of inspiration. Therefore, here are five basic recommendations, how to achieve what you want.

First of all, you should schedule your time. You can simply take a piece of paper and write down your daily schedule. Find in it time for your workouts. It will be better if you do your exercises in the morning. This is simply the best time. Not only you will feel more energetic, but you are likely to burn more calories working out at this time. Besides, in the daytime you are almost always busy, and in the evening – tired and exhausted. Therefore, let it better be mornings.

It is also very important to choose the type of exercises that you enjoy. It can be jogging, swimming, cycling, aerobics, or whatever – everything is good. If you get bored of one and the same workout complex, change it and try something different.

Another important thing is to set a goal – why do you need this in the first place. As soon as you define your aim, write it down and stick somewhere close to your bed. It will be a good motivation tool and when you get up in the morning, you will read it every time and get inspired.

You will have to be patient and persistent. In the morning it is so tempting and nice to sleep just a little longer. But exercising will be also nice. As soon as you get out of bed and start to move, you will feel it. So, when you make a decision to work out, stick to it. It will not be easy in the least, but this does not mean that you do not need to try. You will see after a couple of weeks, how it becomes natural.

For being so good, give yourself a reward. Buy a new long desired pair of shoes, or a dessert, or whatever you like.

Why is it so important to build such a habit? It is sad, but true, that we are not getting younger. And our bodies need exercise; otherwise they will not be able to look that good. Therefore, it is essential to make a workout as a “must”, as a part of your everyday routine. Image that a day without a workout equals to going out in the morning with a non-fresh breath. How does it sound? Not good, I guess. The same you should start feeling about your daily exercises. Moreover, of all the things you can get addicted to it is the best and the most beneficial one. Therefore good luck and do your best!

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