Augmented Acupuncture

An allergy is the overreaction of our immune system against harmless substances. When hay fever will be sent to the mucous membrane, the hormone released histamine, which immune cells (leukocytes) enabled, then an inflammation reaction. The result is swollen nasal mucus, itchy eyes and cold flow. So far, the treatment of allergies of the upper respiratory tract are insufficiently possible. In addition to the desensitization are medications, such as cortisone and antibiotics used. While the desensitization takes years and usually only young patients are able to be cured, allergy drug therapy under the severe side effects with a high risk of late complications, such as stomach ulcers, osteoporosis or eroding cancer. At the University of California developed a promising method for the treatment of allergies of the upper respiratory tract. Apart from hay fever allergies and dust mites it can also successfully treat asthmatic symptoms.

In the process of therapy “augmented acupuncture”, which increased as much as acupuncture does, it is a combination of neural and acupuncture. On the back are the basis of the electrical skin re-state the left and right side of the seventh cervical vertebrae (VIPs) two points, reflecting the traditional Chinese medicine and others. Recovery of the “wind” are used. On these points will, as in the neural, a pain reliever is injected intradermally. Once there were acupuncture needles, the patient gets an electrode in the hand. Now is the nerve segment, which is based on the C7 vertebrae on the shoulders to hand runs, a pulse of electricity, which is responsible for the shooting on immune response responsible calms nerves segment. The augmented acupuncture may cause allergic symptoms within a few hours for several weeks until eliminated. The procedure was in a study by the University of California on 3000 patients with allergy symptoms of upper respiratory tract, all successfully tested and is fully recommended.

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