Why Am I Always Hungry?

By eating disorders are understood the following conditions: poor appetite, under-eating, overeating, excessive hunger and cravings. Excessive hunger is known as polyphagia or hyperphagia and it can mean that you have some underlying health disorder. Constant hunger is generally not healthy – it means that there is something not in order in your organism. Here is the information – possible reasons – why you may feel hunger constantly.

• Excessive eating can be caused by stress.
• It can as well be evoked by boredom: you eat when they have nothing to do.
• One more powerful reason to open the fridge continuously is depression.
• People who quit smoking tend to eat more.
• Excessive eating and hunger can be an after effect of certain medications.
• When you stop drinking alcohol you are also likely to feel hungry more.
• It is very frequent when people thing they are hungry when they are actually thirsty. Therefore it os recommended to drink more fluids in order to you’re your cravings at bay.
• Marijuana intoxication, as well as undiagnosed or poorly controlled diabetes, also bipolar disease, hypoglycemia, Grave’s disease, tapeworms, and so on can also evoke excessive eating.
• Moreover, we are greatly influenced by mass media. Therefore we frequently tend to eat foods we do not actually need.
• Bulimia nervosa represents an eating disorder when people consume large amounts of food and then evoke induced vomiting in order to get rid of it. Or they use another method – fasting. Excessive eating without purging is known as binge eating disorder.
• When feeling angry or upset, we frequently think about junk food as consolation. This phenomenon is known as emotional eating and it is the most common habit that leads to overeating in the first place.
• When you are pregnant you are always hungry. But there is nothing wrong with it. Now, when you are not alone any more, you have to eat for two. Generally, you need about 300 extra calories daily at least.
• One more reason that you overeat is your habit of filling yourself to bursting. In this situation you get used to this state of things and your brain taking it for granted. And you need more and more. Therefore it is recommended to eat less but frequently.
• You burn the calories by taking part in any activity, be it cardiovascular exercises like walking, running, swimming, or any sports or whatever. It is only natural that your body starts to ask for calories afterwards. And what you do – you eat to satisfy this demand. What you should do in order not to gain weight while eating after you work out is to drink water and not eat exactly after the training.
• Low fat or zero calorie diets leave you hungry normally because there is a required amount of calories that our body needs for a day. So, instead of loosing weight with these diets, we gain it and always feel hungry. Besides, you feel less energetic and sluggish instead.
• Dinner before seven should include enough proteins in order for you to be satiated. Otherwise you will feel hungry rather soon and will want to have more in an hour. It is recommended to have low fat desserts or milkshakes or fresh fruits.
• Whole grains in general are good means to avoid hunger all the time.

These are the possible reasons of feeling hungry all the time. Perhaps, the article will be useful and you will find the reason of your hunger and deal with it. the last recommendation is that you can try eating before you are hungry – this will help to keep craving at bay.

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