Hair Care Tips You Need to Know

Washing hair is a natural thing. Most people think shampoo is enough for healthy hair.

Washing hair is a natural thing. Most people think shampoo is enough for healthy hair.

It’s time to know that individual hair strands, regardless of their thickness or strength, are really delicate. Do not pull it or tug because it can break naturally. Actually the best method is combing hair and disentangling it before washing it. Without combing it can worsen tangles thus it will be harder to wash your hair.

You should wet hair thoroughly at first with gentle strokes of the fingertips. Warm water is best to wet hair so that to open scale-like hair cuticles. Thus you can clean the hair and also wash off left conditioner or styling gel that you have used. Then you are to pour a shampoo dollop on your palm slowly and then rub hands together, after that you should apply your shampoo onto the scalp. Keep in mind that shampoo is to be applied on the scalp not the hair ends. Shampoo makes hair ends dry, split and weak.

While shampooing do not mix the hair over your head as it may cause hair tangling and it would be tough to comb it. Besides it can provoke hair breakage. At times it is necessary to shampoo the hair two times. For the first time shampoo cleans off dirt and oil. And for the second time shampoo treats the hair. It is recommended to leave shampoo on the scalp for a few minutes. Then you need to rinse the hair properly. To let the water off you can just slightly squeeze your hair. Never tug or pull wet hair as it’s very delicate especially when soaked.

After that you are to apply some conditioner on the hairline, the ends and the nape. To achieve better results, you can pile the hair in a shower cap and leave the conditioner for about ten minutes. After the procedure you should rinse off properly.

You will find some easy methods to make your hair healthy and shiny.

1) Drink plenty of water (8 – 10 glasses) every day. As a matter of fact water makes about – of hair strand weight. So, moisture makes your hair supple. For this end you need to be sure that your body receives the necessary amount of fluids.

2) You should consume as much protein as possible for healthy hair. The good source of proteins is milk, meat, fish, cereals and cheese. Proteins make the hair shaft stronger and also decrease the risk of hair splitting.

3) Your body requires such minerals as iron so that it can carry oxygen to your hair. Zinc is necessary for the prevention of hair loss. Copper is required to optimize the natural color of your hair.

4) Actually vitamins are not just beneficial for your body but also necessary for healthy hair. Vitamin A makes the scalp healthy and vitamins C and B improve the blood circulation, stimulate hair growth and also provides a great hair color.

All in all hair is considered to be a crowning glory, especially for women. So, take care of your hair and you will always look gorgeous.

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