How to Lose Cellulite

How to lose cellulite is the question that bothers a lot of women nowadays. And there is no surprise as about 90% of women have this unpleasant condition. A lot of women tried to fight it and failed and started to take it for granted. Still, even though there are so many women suffering from cellulite, it is not natural to have it. This is a consequence of our unhealthy food choices and lifestyles in general. We consume too much proteins and fats and move to little. Here is the information about cellulite and how to get rid of it.

There is a belief that the condition is caused by excessive fat intake, toxins, and etc. However, this is only partly true. It is the visibility of subcutaneous fat cells and it is important to know the real reasons in order to eliminate with it.

Cellulite is a quite rare condition in men – they almost never suffer from it. The reason is that women’s and men’s subcutaneous fat cells are different. And the former are presupposed and well designed to store fat while the latter are not. This is explained biologically by the number of factors, the main is that a woman is a future mother and fat will be needed for a baby’s proper development.

Cellulite is not evoked by the excess of fat directly but it is not good as it aggravates the cellulite state in general. It makes cellulite to be more visible and therefore weight loss can help you to look better in the respect that your cellulite will be at least less pronounced.

All in all cellulite evokes when water retention in the skin makes fat cells stick out.
The condition is a result of excessive cooked protein intake. It is a wide-spread problem in the Western world. Meat used to be a luxury some time ago but now it is everyday dish. Few deliberate that meat is protein and it also becomes damaged and when cooked and therefore it becomes hard for us to utilize it fast. Eventually, it evokes the aforementioned water retention and cellulite.

Another reason why we have cellulite is hormones. This especially concerns women taking contraceptives. The latter, actually, change metabolism of hormones and cause water retention as well. With is comes cellulite.

Constipation is also a reason. Therefore make sure you eat enough of greens, vegetables and fruits every day. This will help the condition and prevent cellulite as well.

What should be done to eliminate cellulite? First step you have to take is to change your lifestyle. You need to lose some weight and this is not done at once and without effort. You will have to change eating habits and abstain from fast foods or any unhealthy foods in general. You also will have to include more vegetables and fruit to your diet. Perhaps, you should try eating raw foods. Besides, you will need to stick with some exercise program as diet alone will be of little help. Complex approach will be the best solution.

It will not be easy at first, especially if you used to lead certain way of life and your eating preferences are fixed. However, if you are determined, you will succeed, for sure.

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