Overeating and Obesity

Obesity has been so to say under a microscope for more than 50 years. Numerous studies have been conducted trying to define and realize this issue. The obvious connection frequently included in the studies of obesity is overeating. It has been indicated that actually the reason for overeating solely lay at anxiety door.

Many studies were conducted on this issue. Anxiety is no more pointed as a common reason for overeating. Taking into consideration the entire problem, there are more studies with a number of findings that concluded the following fact: overeating is indeed a phenomenon crossing all economic, racial as well as social boundaries.

Some further studies made throughout several decades have made experts believe that this is emotion which rules when it goes to overeating. This is true at least when obese people were the study subjects. The connection between overeating and emotion is vivid in the obese individuals who seek treatments and those who do not.

The characteristics of overeating among obese people include secrecy very often, the absence real hunger, and favorite foods (often high fat and high calorie). The emotions that generally result in overeating range depending on the person. Overeating is the reaction in many cases to such emotions as frustration, anger, stress, boredom, depression, anxiety and loneliness.

As a matter of fact emotional distress triggers overeating in many obese people more often than in individuals with normal weight according to findings made in certain studies. Though making an accurate conclusion is hard thinking it’s tough to come up with some accurate size of normal weight group for obesity studies. Typically studies use college students as control participants. Thus socioeconomic variables are limited compared to the control group with random selection of people with normal weight.

Experts keep on studying obesity and the connection between it and overeating. Everything possible will be done to gain control of weight problems as these are main triggers of general health decline in people.

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