Hair Damage from Flat Iron Usage

If you have a flat iron at your disposal you can make any style possible. It is a very convenient device and a lot of women use it nowadays. However, it is fraught with certain harm to your hair. Flat irons use heat to style and this leads to hair weakening and damage as a result. Therefore, it you are accustomed to the usage of flat iron, there are certain things that you should remember.

First of all, your shampoo should be moisturizing.

Use a conditioner and a protective spray – these things are obligatory in order to save the hair from the potential damage.

All the tresses should be removed from the flat iron before you plug it in and press against the hair. Whatever products you are going to use before styling make sure they are moisturizing ones.

Moisturizing products are so very important because they prepare your hair to the influence of heat and reduce the risk of hair damage quite a lot. Thermal protection sprays are also a good idea. They create a shield that does not allow heat to harm the hair too much.

Dry your hair before you use any styling tool, flat iron as well. Damp hair is not recommended to be styled by any devices that use heat. Therefore, dry your hair before you apply flat iron to your hair. Also free your hair from any gel or mousse build-up.

It is also very important to choose a good styling device. Women with long hair are recommended to use flat irons that are wide as they will allow covering more surface with the styling tool and save time and effort. For short hair a typical-sized straightening iron will be suitable enough.

And the last recommendation is to style the hair in sections so that every portion went through the iron smoothly. Do not overload the iron as this will be less effective and the heat will be applied ineffectively.

All in all, mind that any styling is harmful for the hair when it comes to heat. Therefore, if it is possible, try to use flat iron as seldom as possible.

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