Water Diet Benefits

There is so much stress and haste in our lives that it cannot but affect our bodies. Let alone the pollution factor and all the other factors of bad influence. Our bodies need care and attention as they have to face a big challenge. A good and balanced diet is one thing that can be helpful in keeping fit and healthy. One of such diets is a water diet as it allows achievement of all the aforementioned and also losing weight.

The water diet presupposes that you intake certain amounts of water throughout the day. Fixed intervals should be adhered to. It is recommended that you drink about drink 64 ounces of water daily at the temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. The water should be drunk in the course of the day and not for once. It should be plain pure water without any flavor or sugar or whatever.

This diet is based on the theory that the body will need a lot of energy to heat the water ingested and therefore it will have to use everything that is stored to burn. They say that this diet allows losing about five pounds on an average a year if to follow this diet constantly. However, this is very unlikely that you will lose weight simply by drinking water and eating high fat and high calorie foods. Therefore it is recommended that healthy balanced products were consumed as well all alone. Regular workouts will also be of great additional assistance.

Another diet suggests that a person should drink lemon water for a period of time without eating anything solid at all. A solution is made of a fresh squeezed lemon, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water. Daily a person should drink about 6 – 12 glasses for a fortnight or maximum for forty days. This diet is a good way to detoxify the body as well as to lose weight effectively. Therefore it is called the master cleanse diet.

There is also the fruit and water diet which presupposes the consumption of fruits and water throughout the day. You can stick to this diet for a week of a month. It is a good way to clean the organism. One more diet is the vinegar and water diet. It is a curious one and has raised a lot of discussion. It presupposed drinking water with vinegar or apple cider vinegar daily. This diet claims to help with weight loss quickly and effectively.

There is also the bread and water diet, which is considered the most dubious. This diet plan presupposes intake of only bread and water and nothing else. This diet is considered unhealthy, as the body, after burning fat starts to burn muscles mass and after that goes on to starving mode. And this is really harmful for the body and unhealthy. Be very careful trying to follow it.

All in all, water is important for our organism, this cannot be doubted. Water diets can help us to lose weigh and detoxify, still, it is important that you should be wise and reasonable when trying to follow any of these diets and not lose your head and health in the process.

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