Blood Type Based Diet

Imagine two people – a married couple – sitting down at dinner eating absolutely different things. She does not eat meat, but he does and rather often. He never touches peanut butter while she frequently uses it in her snacks. Dairy products are not about her, her husband, however, consumes them in abundance. What is reason for such a distinction? Why do their menus so much different? Their tastes have nothing to do with it. But their blood types actually do. They adhere to a diet presupposing that people to consume certain foods that are beneficial and avoid those harmful ones according to their blood status requirements – A, B, AB, or O.

This theory was suggested by Peter J. D’Adamo, ND, a naturopathic physician from Stamford. In 1996 he issued his book, Eat Right for Your Type, which became rather popular. According to this theory, such diet plan will allow a person to stay fit and healthy and even lose weight without any particular effort. Besides, this theory insists that not eating this way is rather harmful of the organism and can be fraught with development of various disorders.

The reason of this diet’s popularity is that you do not need to count any calories. You just have to eat certain foods and avoid others. Type A, for example, is recommended to become vegetarian, type O – to avoid grains, type B is allowed to eat various foods and type AB should abstain only from cured or smoked meats and combine the requirements of both A and B types.

What is the reason for the blood typing to become the basis of this theory? According to D’Adamo, lectins, proteins found in foods, can be harmful for the body. Therefore if a person consumes foods with lectines, incompatible with his or her nutrient requirements, it can end with a disorder. By eating beneficial foods this effect can be avoided and a person stays fit and healthy.

Moreover, D’Adamo supposes that a person’s ability to digest foods is different depending on the blood type. That is why type O can digest meat easily as the level of stomach acid is rather high; which can not be said about type A. They digest meat with difficulty and store it as fat due to low acid levels and therefore they are better to abstain from meat at all. D’Adamo carried out a research since 1990s and on its results he based his theory, where the blood type, food, and disease are connected. On the basis of his own and his father’s observations (his father was a naturopathic physician) D’Adamo also made a conclusion referring to the amount of exercise needed for every group. Thus, according to him, type O individuals should exercise a lot, type B – in moderation, type A requires gentle exercises and for type AB calming work outs are enough.

However, D’Adamo acknowledges that his theory has not been proved somehow scientifically and there were no registered demonstrations of weight loss or disorder prevention. Nevertheless, there can be found a lot of references on his website proving his point.

Still, this theory is met with caution in the circles of mainstream nutritionists and medical doctors. They are prone to criticize it and recommend refraining from following it. They operate with the fact that the diet plan has no actual published studies proving its efficiency. Moreover, some of the dieticians consider this diet plan harmful for a person’s organism.

The reaction of supporters is also ambiguous. They admit that it is rather hard to stay in the frameworks of the given restrictions as the list of foods that should be avoided is rather long. It is also quite hard to follow if the family that decided to eat according to their blood types has these types different. Still, the diet plan continues to stay quite popular and more people tend to adhere to it.

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