The Healthy Diet

The food is used in a human being first and foremost to preserve the viability. The intake of food and nutrients the body is used to create and service provision.

A healthy diet with lots of vitamins and dietary fiber provides the ideal body and helps him to build up defenses.

Basis for a healthy diet is the food pyramid of the American Society for Nutrition. Thereafter, a large part of the recorded food from grains, cereals, potatoes or rice. These foods have a lot of fiber, saturation, though very little fat. They are therefore an ideal energy bringer. The second component is fruits and vegetables. These should be at least 25% of daily total calories. 5 smaller portions of fruit or vegetables on the day is ideal. The next stage of the pyramid consists of milk and milk products.

Every consumer is encouraged, however, to see the list of ingredients. Just yogurt or fruit curd often a very high proportion of fat. One should therefore prefer skimmed curd or yoghurt. Only in small masses, however, enjoy fish and meat to. Cake or sugar should be avoided if possible.

Of course, not everyone is strictly in accordance with these diet guidelines. Important for a healthy diet is primarily the absence of too much fat (up to 40 grams per day) and increased fruit and vegetables. The eating habits, which means that food preference or rejected, is already being shaped in childhood. Therefore, parents should offer a variety of fresh foods. In finished products are often found hidden fats, which are primarily found in flavor enhancers. When shopping it is worthwhile in any case to look at the nutrition table, and the ingredients list. This is now on almost every product. Ingredients on these lists in the first or second place will come more easily in their product.

About his current lifestyle to a healthy diet change will find numerous offers. These range from medical treatment to groups such as Weight Watchers, whose aim is also to curb fat consumption. People who converted to a healthy diet, finds out that their body is now healthier and improved well-being within a short period of time.

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