O Blood Type Diet

There are a lot of different diet plans, so why blood type diets? Because they are directly intended to help with the digestive system function and also they lessen the risk of cardiovascular system and other disorders.

Moreover, it is easier to maintain the generic rhythm and stay healthy and fit with such a diet. This article describes diet plan specially designed for individuals with O blood type.

Our eating habits, as well as personal distastes, body metabolism, also allergies and medical conditions are for the most part are determined by our blood type. What concerns Type O, it is said that it is inherited from ancient men who survived on hunting animals and fish. Therefore digestion of animal protein is easy for individuals with type O. Therefore, meat and seafood can be and are recommended to be consumed without limitation. Contrariwise, dairy products and grains are digested worse as they were not included into the diets of ancient people. To cap it all, high protein and low carbohydrate foods should be a basis of a type O diet.

Also flaxseed oil and olive oil are good for type O individual. When it comes to beverages, it is advised to drink green tea. It is healthy and it suits the requirements of the organism in the best way. Alcoholic beverages can also be consumed as they are normally digested by type O.

As long as you decide to follow this diet, it is essential to know what snacks are good and beneficial for your blood type. Individuals with type O will flourish on the following foods: vegetable juices, pears, plums and bananas, also carrots, celery and cucumbers, as well as soy milk and rice crackers.

It is also very much recommended for the individuals with type O that, apart form the diet they should work out a lot, especially to strengthen their cardiovascular system. There are a lot of different exercises, and together with the proper diet plan, whey will let you to achieve the best results. And, finally, if you eliminate processed foods and chocolate, your results will be even better.

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