Does Your Hair Color Make You More Prone to Hair Loss?

There is no connection between the color of your hair (or your race) and the predisposition to lose hair. No matter if you are blond or brunette, or ginger – you are going to lose hair to some extent as this is normal. However, this is about your natural color. But frequent coloring can damage hair, especially if you do not take care if it properly.

In case of men it is always useful that they try to find out if any of the relatives or perhaps, a father or a grandfather was bald. Because baldness in men is genetic condition and if your there was no such condition in your family you chances are small. But if there were, then you are right to be expecting certain problems with your hair. In case of women, it is nor so often and the whole balding and hair loosing thing is different but still, if someone in the family had this problem, it may show off with you.

Nowadays a lot of men and women in their forties and fifties have problems with hair. That is because later in the 1980’s they had big, spiky hair styles and used a lot of sprays, and styling gels, they colored their hair and curled it with irons that damaged hair and thinned it.

Hair straighteners and hair driers are the most complained things according to the Food and Drug Administration. Complaints are different – ranging from “not working” to emergency room visits. But the most serious complaints come about hair damage. These appliances are harmful for hair in general as they presuppose the influence of heat on the hair, which can not be beneficial in any way. Therefore try to avoid using them unless it is not a necessity. Mind that you desire to style the hair some particular way can end with burning, itchiness and redness. Or you can even get allergic. Therefore, if you are concerned about your hair, take care of it. Perhaps, it is better to leave it its natural color and shape and have it than to torture it with different styles and lose it in the end.

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