Cereals that Are Good for You

Healthy breakfast is very rightly appreciated. It is not a fairy tale that it helps your concentration and productivity during the day. Therefore for whose, who skip breakfast, it is food for reflection. It is even more important that children have breakfast. They need energy to move through the day and breakfast can give it to them. Moreover, breakfast is beneficial for problem-solving, also hand-eye coordination, and creativity.

Besides, it has been proved that people who eat breakfast are able to control their weight better than those who do not. If you are accustomed to eating cereals for breakfast make sure you eat good and healthy cereals. Therefore before buying any cereals read the nutrition labels and lists of ingredients. Good and useful cereals should contain the following ingredients:

  • Fiber, first of all. It is recommended that you take at least 25 gm of fiber per day. Therefore before buying a cereal make sure that it has at least 3 grams of fiber per serving. The more, the better, however.
  • Try to choose cereals that are low in sugar. It does not mean that cereals with sugar are all bad but it will be better if you opt for the ones that have little of sugar in them. 13 grams or less of sugar, per serving is a low sugar cereal.
  • Calories, at last. 120 calories pre serving is the best option for those people who are on calorie count diets.

Some cereals claim that they are good for heart health. And really, some of them are. But in order to choose the right one you need to know that such a cereal should contain whole grains, psyllium and oats, which improve heart health. Also, a good cereal should consist of 100% wheat or bran, oat bran and barley. They are longer to digest and therefore they will make it easier not to have additional snacks between breakfast and lunch.

There are a lot of cereals with dried fruit and they are frequently more popular than pure cereals as they add to the taste. However, there are some drawbacks of this, if these fruit are added to low-fiber refined-grain cereals. These cereals are a good and healthy serving for kids who got used to sweet and unhealthy sugar-loaded frosted cereals. Still, it is recommended to add fresh fruit to cereals.

There are cereals that are promoted as helpers in weight loss. However, they should hardly be trusted. They are low in fat, this is true, but that is actually all. They can be use as a part of your healthy diet plan, which, if adhered to, will lead to weight loss. Still, whole grain cereals for breakfast are much better option that cookies and biscuits.

Some cereals can have new ingredients such as pecans, almonds, flaxseed, or are made from soy. They are good, but actually, they should not interfere on focusing on the nutrition qualities of the cereal. In any event, whatever cereal you decide to buy, it is important that you read the nutrition label.

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