African American Hair Care Tips

African American hair is usually black and curly and hard to style. It takes a lot of effort from both men and women to style such hair because it is dry and requires more attention that Caucasian hair and special care. Natural African American hair is really hard to maintain and style therefore here are some basic tips on how to take care of such hair.

• Massage to your scalp on a regular basis as this will stimulate the production of oil and make your hair less dry. It is recommended to carry out such procedures at least one time a month.

• After you wash your hair with shampoos use conditioners. They will reduce dryness and make hair smoother. Refrain from shampoos containing alcohol, instead, choose those that have low pH level.

• African American hair should not be washed every day as it makes it even dryer and deprives it of natural oil. It is recommended to wash such hair with an interval of 3-7 days in order to keep the natural oil balance.

• Tangled curly hair should be washed in one direction to be smoother and easier to brush.

• Leave-in conditioners are a good solution for African American hair. They not only protect the hair from damage or harmful influences, but also keep it moisturized and protected from dryness.

• Hair should not be combed wet as it leads to its breakage and damage. it is recommended to comb the hair when it has dried a little.

• For excessively curly hair wide toothed comb should be used. First the ends are combed, and then the roots. This is done to avoid damage and pain.

• It is also recommended to trim hair after 2 or 3 months as this will help to keep hair healthy and without split ends.

• For people who prefer to wear braids permanently it is recommended that they used softening shampoos for moisture balance maintenance.

• For hair protection it is not recommended to expose hair to open sun or wind. Use shampoos and hair products with UV filters to protect your hair.

• As African American natural hair is liable to shrink it is advised to try African American hair braiding styles or African American twist hairstyles.

• For the better effect keep yourself well-hydrated and therefore drink enough fluids daily.
• Also, make sure you have omega 3 essential fatty acids in the foods you eat.

• It is as well recommended that you quit smoking. This is harmful for your general health and it directly affects hair – it gets dray and fall out faster.

• It is not recommended to wear braids longer than for 8 weeks otherwise you will damage it. Also, give your hair time to rest. It will help to keep hair healthy and prevent its damage.

These tips are simple and easy to follow. They will be of great use if you follow them. Whatever you African American hair is – curly or straight, short or long, colored, or may be braided, all twists or wavy, thy will look healthy and perfect if you take care of it properly. It is your natural heritage and whatever way you style it, it is perfect.

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