Hair Loss: How to Deal with the Problem?

For someone the problem of hair loss seems insignificant, while for some other people it is a real reason to become upset. There are people who take this condition as a serious reason for depression. And thought we have so much hair the daily norm for hair loss for a person is 50 till 100 hairsprings. This is little, and is unnoticed in the comparison to all the hair we have. Still, when the amount of hair we lose increases it can become a problem.

There are different reasons for hair loss and in every person it is always highly individual. But the most frequent are problems with skin, genetic predisposition, vessels and hormonal challenges as well as metabolic disorder. However, how hard the condition can be, it can be treated.

Men suffer from this condition much more often than women and in greater extent. Baldness is connected with hormones activity. Men loosing their hair generally experience the change in their hair border zone. Moreover, their head become bold completely, which is not characteristic to female pattern balding. Women get their hair thinned all over the head. The loss of hair frequently begins in the area of medial parting. Hair becomes thin and rare and this means alopecia.

Hair loss is frequently genetically predisposed. If a mother or a father suffered from this condition, a person is likely to experience it as well later in years. Also, abnormal thyroid function and harmful environment can lead to hair loss. In men male hormones are to a great extent responsible for male pattern baldness.

Male and female hair loss

In women, the first reason of hair loss is stress. Hair loss also connected with hormonal disorders when the concentration of male sex hormone is high. It is characterized by the following symptoms: irregular menstruation, seborrhea, male type pilosis, and acne eruption. It is also very important to take right contraceptives in order not to impair the condition. Therefore any woman should consult a doctor before taking any birth control pills. Moreover, women are prone to extremes when it comes to the desire to be slim and slender. Poor diets and unhealthy approach to foods are also conditions responsible for hair loss. As well as certain medications, which can have pilosis as one of side effects. Besides, in the period of pregnancy a woman’s organism is not as it was and hair loss during pregnancy is frequent.


The problem is unpleasant; however, it can be treated. Therefore, if you found out that your hair have started to thin to a not normal extent, begin treatment as soon as possible. Luckily, hair loss therapy has now become more available, affordable and effective than ever. There are so many products proposed by cosmetic companies. Pharmaceutical companies as well work on the problem and they, in their turn, offer certain medications to alleviate the condition. Also, non-surgical hair substitution is nowadays considered one of the most effective ways of solving the problem. For those who do not trust in medical and cosmetic stuff there are natural methods in abundance (i.e. olive or coconut oil).

No matter what you try if you have patience and believe in success, you will cure your hair.

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