How to Remove Braids Rightly?

The way of removal of the braids depends of the type of braids. There are several basic styles of braids and according to the style you have your braids will be attended.

The first type of braids is straight ones. They are one or two plaits, simple and can be done every day. They also can be twisted and coiled differently and more sophisticatedly.

There are French braids. These are plaits that are woven closer to the scalp. They are started high on the head than common plaits and they are also can be done daily. They look great on formal occasions. They are also called Cornrow Braids.

Micro braids are also very popular. They can be woven from very little amount of hair and are generally done all over the head. These braids are presupposed to be worn for quite a long period of time.

Also, there are up do braids. This is a style where straight braids and micro braids are woven together which makes them look even more interesting and unusual.

Finally, there are sloppy braids. They are easy and quick to do and can be worn on informal occasions.
Removal of braids is not easy, especially, if they are micro braids. The process requires patience.

No matter how long did you have your braids the first thing to do is to apply a removal cream to the hair. This cream will make the hair softer and produce moisturizing effect. This is a “must” for the hair that had extensions added either for color or length.

If you wear your braids for a long time make sure you use the cream. Braided hair tends to become matted and tangled after you washed it in such a way. If you neglect basic care with cream, you are likely to damage your hair and make it weak and thin. In case you used braided extensions cut the tip of the hair extension and untangle your braids.

Untangled hair is soft and you will see it if you used braid removal cream. The next very important step is combing your hair. Make sure you do it thoroughly and before you wash your head. If you do otherwise your hair will become matted and will be hard to comb afterwards. Keep in mind that washing tangled hair is a bad idea. It will only make things worse.

To cap it all, whatever braids you may decide to weave, do not forget about basic rules of braid removal. Do it right if you do not want your hair damaged. Braids do thin hair but if attended properly afterwards you will enjoy your hair as it was.

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