Effective Hair Loss Treatments for Men and Women

Keeping in mind all the reasons for hair loss discussed in many articles, there are 2 kinds of treatment that will work: addressing the hormonal sensitivity, and treatments promoting growth in spite of it. There are 2 drugs approved by FDA for male pattern hair. These are Finasteride and Minoxidil.

Minoxidil that is known under the trade names Regaine and Rogaine represents a vasodilator medicine first used as an oral medication for treating hypertension. But people who used it noticed a surprising side effect, which is increased growth of body hairs.

Noticing this potential Upjohn Corporation started producing a solution with 2% minoxidil for treating hair loss and baldness, it is released with the brand Rogaine in Canada and the US, and Regaine in the Asia-Pacific and European countries. These treatments are generally available in solutions with 5 per cent concentration for men and 2 per cent concentration for females.

The way Minoxidil acts is not yet completely revealed though researches have proven that it’s effective in the prevention of hair loss and also can be helpful in achieving the regrowth. A study in healthy men 18-50 years old having male pattern baldness discovered that in comparison with a basic line of 103 – 106 hairs/cm2, the ones that used 5% solution for thirty two weeks enhanced the hair counts by almost 39 hairs/cm2 on average, contrary to those receiving placebo the result was 5 hairs/cm2.

It is worth noting that Minoxidil has proven to be more effective and helpful in younger males (aged 18 – 41) and has also shown to act just in the central vertex, so will not assist the people suffering from the disorder of receding hairline.

Like with many other medications certain adverse affects are to be usually expected but Minoxidil is really good in the department.

As a matter of fact the most usual adverse effect that a topical use may produce is actually dandruff, hair loss as well as itchy scalp. You are not mistaken, hair loss is in fact the main negative effect of the treatment with minoxidil, although users and manufacturers consider that it is a shedding part and a kind of regrowing effect. But still there isn’t any guarantee proving that new hair loss problem will be indeed replaced with new growth of hair. Despite this potential complication Minoxidil still remains the most commonly used medication for treating hair loss nowadays. This treatment is advised to slow down the process of balding before considering the option of dangerous hair transplant.


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