Hair Loss Prevention – How to Get Thick Hair

Thin hair is generally an aging signal, this condition may be permanent and constant and it might be caused by distress. And thick hair is like an identification of vitality and youth. Thick hair generally make the face more attractive. To know how to grow thick hair, it is first of all necessary to know the reasons for thin hair.

Actually the number of hair loss causes is numerous:

•    stress
•    poor hair care
•    genetic conditions
•    oral contraceptives excessive usage
•    disorder of some body system
•    puberty onset
•    some drugs usage
•    wrong styling
•    harmful hair care products
•    childbirth/pregnancy
•    menopause
•    badly balanced diet resulting in vitamin lack
•    alcohol abuse, drug addiction, irregular meals, late nights, etc.
•    aging

Some tips on how you can grow thick hair:

  1. Stress: Learn some strategies for stress management ( yoga, meditation, pranayam)
  2. Supplements for hair growth: If you want to regrow hair fast, you should use some over the counter supplements stimulating hair growth. It is advisable to check with the doctor before you take any supplements.
  3. Hair care: Wash hair with warm water and dry it carefully. To reduce hair loss you should take a wide toothed wooden comb. You should cover the hair with a scarf or hat in order to protect it from dust and heat.
  4. Hair masks help to have thick hair. They treat the damaged hair, stimulate hair growth. Use some home made hair masks. They are often made from olive oil, egg and lemon.
  5. Trimming hair is necessary as damaged and dead tips won’t grow further. So you need to cut them. It will make your hair shorter but this will also provide a more voluminous look.
  6. Bad habits: do not eat oily, processed, and fried food. Try not to skip any meals. You are to eat on time. Smoking, alcohol and drugs restrict hair growth. Sufficient sleep is needed for thick hair.
  7. Styling: If you want thick hair, you are to stop styling. Avoid gels and mousse. Perming, straightening, dyes, chemical styling, heat styling damage hair resulting in eventual hair loss. Use the conditioners and shampoos suitable for your hair.
  8. Healthy diet with necessary supply of minerals, vitamins and proteins stimulates hair growth. You should include milk, fresh vegetables and fruits, eggs, sprouts, soya, nuts into your diet. Vitamins A, B6, B3, C, E are important for hair growth. Drinking much water is effective for avoiding hair breakage.
  9. Massage with oils will help you to get thick hair. The oils for healthy hair growth are jojoba oil, castor oil, avocado oil, olive oil, emu oil, lavender oil and some other.
  10. Henna is the best way to get soft, shiny and thicker hair naturally.

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