Restoring Hair Loss in Males Helps to Restore the Confidence

Very often men try to conceal the problems of hair loss. Some are searching for a cure from natural herbal treatments to surgical options. Even those claiming not to be affected, there are psychological implications reported to provoke changes in body image and self-concept. From a biological viewpoint a healthy head is a sign of youthfulness and virility. A number of species in animals use mane or plumage for seducing a mate. This has a cultural and religious significance.

In one study females and males viewed six male models having different levels of cranial hair (like bald, receding and full head). Men having facial hair as well as the ones with receding or bald hair were considered to be older than the men with clean-shaven faces and a head full of hair.

Beards and full hair heads were viewed as less socially mature and more aggressive. Baldness was related to social maturity. In the experiment men that shaved off their hair actually fared better, but not as good as those males having healthy thick manes that were considered the most attractive in the research.

Many men lose their confidence, in particular with the opposite sex due to the problems with hair loss. From somebody who always took pride in the way they looked they started wearing shabby clothes. They didn’t even want to make any efforts without the hair. Hair loss is like impotence to a large extent, which might appear humorous till it occurs, and the changes in personality are obvious as from hair loss to becoming ridicule object regarded this issue. We as humans like to see some chinks in other armour, and to tear down in building up our bodies. There are not so many appearance problems as much visible as balding.

There are several where hair loss may produce a positive effect, men taking extra efforts with their physical look, might start attending the gym more frequently and start styling the facial hair. Even this is generally psychologically because of a loss sense, attempting in other spheres so that to make up for the flaw. The males that look nice with their head shaved are lucky, but may be seen like adopting considered hard skinhead stereotype. Physiology is psychology in essence, and our appearance significantly influences our behavior, confidence and what is even more important the self esteem.

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