Prevent Hair Loss and Grow Long Hair Fast

Long, beautiful hair is a sign of vitality and health. So, to grow long hair you should have a healthy lifestyle which means first of all a healthy diet including many protein, minerals and vitamins; and surely physical activities done on a regular basis.

A hair strand is actually a dead protein filament. The lack of foods high in protein can evolve a retard in hair growth. Hair needs certain vitamins, in particular vitamin A, B6, C, E, inositol, folic acid and biotin. The minerals necessary for growing long hair are zinc, silica, sulfur and magnesium. Together with an unbalanced diet, tension and stress also slow down hair growth. You need to manage stress levels sleeping for at least 7 – 9 hours, and using certain exercises to relieve stress.

To grow long hair, you should follow a special regimen for hair care. For this end, you should firstly identify the hair type you have. Hair care differs significantly according to the hair type. Thus, dry and frizzy hair is harder to care for than smooth and silky hair. Dry and curly hair requires more moisture than oily hair. Having identified the type of your hair you will trim the damaged hair parts. Trimming is the most essential part in growing long hair. You should trim the hair regularly every 8 – 10 weeks to avoid split ends.

For long hair, you should keep it free from dead cells and dirt and for this you are to clean it regularly. But the frequency of hair wash depends on hair type. Dry and curly hair should be washed daily.

Hot oil treatments are effective in stimulating the growth of hair as well as moisturizing damaged hair. Take warm coconut, almond or olive oil and then massage the hair and the scalp with it. Leave it on your scalp for the entire night, and wash it off the next day using a mild shampoo.

A lot of experts believe it is necessary to comb hair 100 times every day so that to enhance the circulation of blood, and distribute oil from your scalp to the strand ends. Although combing hair 100 times daily might not always be necessary for all types of hair, in particular for oily, very fine and curly hair. For people with such hair, it is enough to brush hair just a few times per day. Remember hair is to be combed only when it is absolutely dry. Brushing your hair gently and never start from the head top. Comb from the bottom gradually working up to the top. Divide the hair into several small sections and start brushing from the bottom moving up slowly. Use a good brush and a wooden comb with wide teeth to detangle your long hair.

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