Treatments for Hair Loss in Women

The reasons for hair loss in women are numerous. Thereby it is necessary to find a particular treatment in every case of female hair loss treatment. Several of reasons for hair loss in women are that female body produces more testosterone than normally, or certain medical conditions that involve hormones, also thyroid diseases and autoimmune disorders.

The causes of hair loss in women differ from those in men. Female hair loss can take place at any age, while hair loss in men generally happens as they become older. Another particular feature of female hair loss is that it can happen all over the head, while men mostly experience hair loss at the temples and on the top of the head.

As hair loss in women is caused by certain medical factors, it is of crucial importance for women with abnormal loss of hair to visit a doctor for regular checks. Such conditions as, for instance, underactive thyroid can result in more severe health conditions and symptoms. Diabetes as well as several other autoimmune diseases may provoke hair loss. This is vital not to make experiments with treatments for hair loss in women till you are sure about the exact reasons provoking hair loss after the consultation with the doctor.

We should say that hair loss treatment for women can be rather complicated by some underlying health conditions. Once you’ve ruled out a severe health disorder what are the possible options for treating hair loss? Low dosage minoxidil – under the brand Regaine or Rogaine is successful in most cases. A treatment based on Finasteride is suitable just for hair loss in men. So, women should avoid it because of the adverse effects which might include particular birth defects.

Another option which is more costly and often chosen by many women is hair transplant. As an alternative there is also Lasercomb, an expensive treatment by laser which makes your hair look fuller and thicker. The procedure is approved by FDA. Toppik is another option. This is a treatment applied to your scalp and helping to conceal hair loss.

Due to the fact that there are a lot of various causes of hair loss in women, there are a number of options for treating the disorder. The treatments for female hair loss are different from those used to treat hair loss in men. After you have removed a severe medical disease visit the local pharmacy to check the products for hair loss in women before trying any other options. Most over-the-counter treatments for hair loss have shown to produce successful results if used according to the directions.

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