The Facts about Hair Loss in Men

Actually hair loss is a common problem in men. It is considered that 50 per cent of males will have some problems with hair loss by 50 years old. As a matter of fact hair passes through the growth cycles and this is typical to have some shedding. And this is when hair loss troubles become noticeable or when bald patches begin to show up that men become worried and start visiting specialists.

Common baldness is the main cause of hair loss in men. Often referred to the term androgenetic alopecia, this is generally an inherited disorder. This baldness type can normally manifest itself in the receding hairline as well as baldness at the head top. The actual culprit hidden behind androgenetic alopecia is represented by DHT, which is an androgen (in other words, male hormone) that plays an important part in the body. However, sometimes it may denitrify hair follicles thus preventing essential minerals and vitamins from entering the follicles and this often leads to hair loss and baldness eventually.

All in all there isn’t any magic solution for treating androgenetic alopecia, but still there are many options for your consideration. Some drugs help hair to grow back but they generally cause negative effects and when the medicine is stopped, your hair starts falling out again. So the drugs are only a temporary solution and in certain cases the adverse effects might not be worth all the benefits.

A hair transplant is an option for men suffering from hair loss. But it is a painful and costly procedure, besides, not all cases of hair transplants become a success. At times the scalp can reject those implants and all this can even lead to scarring and infections. If badly performed, hair transplants may eventually look artificial and have a plug effect.

Some herbal treatments are marketed with claims to promote hair growth. Some companies produce the so called hair food which is commonly vitamins intended to nourish the follicles and improve the circulation of blood to the scalp. Moreover hair tonics for similar purposes are available on the market too. Mostly the products can be purchased over the counter, but there are several prescription medications as well.

The good news is that recent studies have shown that males experiencing premature balding problems are actually less predisposed to developing prostate cancer. There has been tracked a link between high levels of testosterone in a great number of men with premature balding and a lowered risks of different tumors. This might come as a surprise as this was considered before that hair loss aggravated the risk factors of cancer.

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